Summer Mobile Mammogram Schedule

Chesapeake Regional Healthcare is bringing the first Mobile Mammography Unit with 3D technology to the Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS).

Just 15 minutes can save your life.
Early detection of breast cancer increases treatment options and survival rates.

Who Can Use the Mobile Mammogram?
Women over 40 with no prior history of breast cancer and no current breast health concerns are encouraged to get screened.

Cost and Health Insurance Coverage

  • FREE for employees covered by a CPS health plan. Both 2D and 3D mammograms, for screening purposes, are covered 100% under all CPS health insurance plans.
  • Most commercial health insurance plans are also accepted, therefore employees covered by another plan like Tricare or their spouse’s plan can also get screened. Cost will vary depending on plan. Please contact your non-CPS health plan for cost information.

Go to for more information and to schedule your appointment.