Here’s to a Healthy 2019!
This year, try a few simple goals for living well.

Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet
Consuming a variety of colored fruits and vegetables have shown to promote longevity, disease prevention and overall wellness.

Keep Healthy Snacks Near
When healthy food is near, it’s easier to forgo the salty and sweet cravings.

Try One New Healthy Food Each Week
Better yet, make it a family affair. Start with the alphabet: week one, A is for asparagus. Eat them raw, sautéed, baked, grilled. Week two, B is for brussel sprouts.

Drink 1/2 Your Body Weight in Water
When the body is dehydrated, it doesn’t run efficiently. Drinking water has plenty of benefits including increasing energy, flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion and boosting immunity, to name a few. If you don’t like plain water, try infusing it or drinking a non-GMO tea.