Internet Safety

Due to rapidly developing technological innovations, it is important for our students to learn to be good digital citizens. Students need to be aware of the potential dangers that can occur online, how to spot those dangers, and how to avoid them. Western Branch Middle School will incorporate internet safety instruction for our students in a variety of ways. Students will learn to interact with social media responsibly, recognize inappropriate content, and avoid cyber bullying.

While at Western Branch Middle, students will be taught internet safety techniques from a variety of professionals: teachers, media center specialists, guidance counselors, and technology integration specialists. While this is an instructionally comprehensive approach, it is also critical for parents to talk to their children about what they do online. Parents 
should be mindful of the social media accounts their children have, the online games their children play, and the online friends their children interact with. Please take some time to explore the links below to help familiarize yourself with methods that can help you and your child stay safe online.