Meal Prices and Payments

Meal Prices & Payments

We use the online payment system MyPaymentsPlus for school meals. MyPaymentsPlus has several great benefits:
– allows for quick payments towards your student’s account
– allows you to see what your child is purchasing
– eliminates the worry of forgotten lunch money
– mobile app to quickly check balances and make payments

When you create your free account at MyPaymentsPlus you will have the option to put money on your student’s Meal Account o General Account. Money in the Meal Account will only allow your student to purchase a full meal. Money in the General Account can be used toward meals and a la carte/ snack items.

MEAL PRICES for 2018-2019

Full Pay $1.35
Reduced $0.30
Adult $2.00

Full Pay $2.70
Reduced $0.40
Adult $3.70

a la carte Milk:

The meal price includes choice of meat/meat alternate, grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk. To make a complete meal, students must choose at least 3 out of 5 food groups and at least one must be a fruit or vegetable. If students do not choose a complete meal, items will be charged at a la carte prices.

Snacks are available for purchase at lunch time. Snack selections and prices can be found on our menu site, All snacks are not available at all schools, please check with your child’s school for availability. Students who do not have money in their general account or cash on hand will not be allowed to purchase snacks.

For other questions regarding MyPaymentsPlus and payment of school meals, please contact the School Nutrition office at 547-1470.

Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

Effective January 2, 2018, School Nutrition Services instituted a new Unpaid Meal Charge Procedure. Students who do not have funds to pay for meals will be allowed to charge up to 3 meals at the Elementary level ( grades K-5) while students at the Secondary level ( grades 6-12) will be allowed to charge up to 2 meals. After maximum charge limits have been reached, students will be offered an alternate meal consisting of a turkey sandwich, fresh fruit, carrots, and milk. After 3 alternate meals the principal and guidance counselor will be notified. Learn more about the Unpaid Meal Charge Procedure here.