Help Desk Info

The Help Desk is located on the Main Hall.

WBH Help Desk Hours: Monday – Friday 9:05am – 10:30am and 12:30pm – 2:00pm.

If the Help Desk is closed, please submit a Tech Work Order.

Help Desk/Chromebook FAQs:

  • Every WBH student is required to use an CPS issued Chromebook.
  • Do not send students to the Help Desk about issues with their personal device.
  • Do not randomly send students down outside the hours listed, they will not get support.
  • We will provide Chromebook charging in the media center during second and third blocks only.
  • CPS student Chromebooks connect automatically to the CPS_Student Wi-Fi. Students should never switch their Chromebooks to CPS_Guest or CPS_Teach.
  • The default student password is 1st initial, last initial, last four of student number. (cm1234)
  • Students will be reported to WBH Admin if they arrive at the help desk for an issue or media center to have their Chromebook charged and it turns out they do not have an issue.