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Western Branch High School Welcomes our Military Families

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WBH is a proud recipient of the VDOE Purple Star designation, 2021 award year.

Western Branch High School is proud to serve the many military families who work and live in our community. We are committed to providing support, resources, and enriching programs to enhance our students’ educational experiences and support their families.

This webpage is designed to provide information to military families that are relocating to Chesapeake and have questions about the Western Branch zone. Please visit our district military resources page dedicated to information for our military families to find important information relevant to all of the forty-seven schools in Chesapeake Public Schools.

Our school counselors are prepared and ready to assist military families wishing to enroll their student at Western Branch High! In addition to our in-school Counselors, Chesapeake Public Schools has a School Liaison Officer who is available to assist incoming military families.

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WBH Military Family Counselor(s): Mrs. Anita Vega or Mrs. Liz Stoddard