Extended Day

2021-2022 Schedule

A student may redeem a maximum of four (4) days per course in a semester long or A/B class (single credit course); while students in a year-long class (two credit course) can redeem a maximum of eight (8) days per course. For every 90 minute session attended, students earn one day for which they were absent. Students who have excessive absences and have not attended any extended day classes will not be considered for extenuating circumstances.

Regulations for Extended Day

  1. The student must report to the cafeteria and be seated before the session begins. If necessary, the location may change to a classroom, but the location at which students meet the Extended Day coordinator will remain the cafeteria. Starting times for the sessions are listed above. No late arrivals will be admitted to the session.
  2. The student must remain in the room the entire session. No early dismissals will be granted.
  3. The student must provide their own study materials, supplies, and an Admittance Slip for the class that they are making-up. The Admittance Slip can only be picked up from the teacher for whom the student is making up an absence. This slip must be completed and signed by the teacher BEFORE a child is permitted to attend an Extended Day session. Work that is completed during these sessions must be specific to the class for which the student is making-up. All students in the sessions are expected to work on schoolwork throughout the duration of the session. Failure to work, including falling asleep, is not permitted and will result in the student being removed from Extended Day. Under this circumstance, students will not earn any credit for that session.
  4. No misbehavior of any type will be tolerated. Any student who misbehaves will be released and will not be permitted to return for that day.
  5. The extended day program is a voluntary program and it is the responsibility of the student and parent to schedule transportation to and from school. No buses will be provided.