Water Quality Information

In 2017, in response to newly created legislation, we developed a plan to test all potable water sources for the presence of lead.  In this plan, 33 schools in our district qualified for priority status, that is, buildings that were constructed in whole or in part before 1986.

During the 2018-2019 school year, we began assessing buildings from the priority list, using a phased approach.  To date, CPS has initiated two rounds of testing, resulting in a total assessment of 14 school buildings.  The remaining priority buildings are scheduled to be assessed by the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  Upon completion of the priority list, the remaining schools constructed after 1986 and all support facilities will also be assessed.

We are sending a letter to families with this information because we want to ensure our community is aware that we, like other districts, are testing our drinking water sources and will take immediate action should any results reveal elevated lead levels.  More importantly, if any water sources used for drinking or food preparation are impacted, we will work directly with the school principal to notify their school community.

It is important to note, we assessed sources of potable water prior to the year 2000.  Any sources of potable water revealing results higher than allowable limits were corrected or removed at that time.

The chart below represents all schools and support buildings.  Schools designated with an asterisk (*) indicate priority schools.

School/Facility Year Built
B. M. Williams Primary* 1957
Butts Road Intermediate 1991
Butts Road Primary* 1966
Camelot Elementary* 1975
Carver Elementary* 1951
Chesapeake Career Center* 1967
Chittum Elementary* 1958
Cedar Road Elementary 1996
Crestwood Intermediate* 1963
Crestwood Middle* 1952
Deep Creek Central Elementary* 1955
Deep Creek Elementary* 1966
Deep Creek High* 1979
Deep Creek Middle* 1955
Edwards Wilson Center 1957
Educational Resources Center 1979
Educational Services Center/SECEP* 1936
Georgetown Primary* 1969
Grassfield Elementary 2003
Grassfield High 2007
Great Bridge High* 1983
Great Bridge Intermediate 1991
Great Bridge Middle* 1952
Great Bridge Primary 2019
Greenbrier Intermediate 1991
Greenbrier Middle 2000
Greenbrier Primary* 1986
Hickory Elementary* 1922
Hickory High 1996
Hickory Middle 1997
Hugo Owens Middle 1997
Indian River High* 1972
Indian River Mid Annex/CCSS* 1960
Indian River Middle* 1964
Instructional Services Center 1957
Joliff Middle 2001
Norfolk Highlands Primary* 1913
Oscar Smith High 1994
Oscar Smith Middle 2009
Planetarium 1963
Portlock Primary* 1964
Rena B. Wright Primary* 1971
School Administration Building 1957
School Plants 1953
Southeastern Elementary* 1952
Southwestern Elementary* 1953
Sparrow Road Intermediate* 1966
Thurgood Marshall Elementary 1995
Transportation 1980
Treakle Elementary* 1963
Truitt Intermediate* 1929
Warehouse 1958
Western Branch High* 1972
Western Branch Intermediate* 1969
Western Branch Middle* 1964
Western Branch Primary* 1982