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What is School Bus Hub?

School Bus Hub is a secure, online portal for parents. Once families create their free account, they can receive real time bus location information. This self service application is fully integrated with the VMax compass routing platform installed on our fleet of buses that allows parents and students to track their school buses.

If you are interested in getting your child’s (children’s) school bus location information, register for a School Bus Hub account. Families can access the School Bus Hub on a web browser using a desktop computer, tablets, smartphones or they can install an app on their smartphone.

Do I need an account to access the School Bus Hub?

Yes. Parents can create their free account at the School Bus Hub registration webpage.

How do I create an account?

Please click here for Step-by-step directions with screenshots

To register, families must provide the following information:

  • School District: Chesapeake
  • School
  • Student ID Number
  • Student Date of Birth

Once this information is verified, families will be prompted to create a user profile with the following mandatory fields:

  • Name (First Name and Last Name)
  • Email Address
  • Password

Please note: You must activate your new account. School Bus Hub will send an activation email to the address you use to register for an account. The email will come from . Check your junk mail or filters if you don’t see the email within a few minutes of submitting your registration.

When can I start using the School Bus Hub app?

In order to create more efficient routes for our drivers and families, the Department of Transportation makes a significant number of route and bus stop changes during the first 3-4 weeks of school.  As a result, the School BusHub App may not work for your student during the first month of school (September) until these changes are finalized. We encourage you to check back frequently.

Who can I contact for support with the School Bus Hub?

If you experience difficulties registering for or using a School Bus Hub account, please submit our School Bus Hub Support form to request help.
To get access to your child’s student information, please contact your child’s school. Your child’s information is also available in your ParentVUE account.

Can I add multiple students to my account?

Yes. After an account is created, families can add additional students to their account access. Select “ADD CHILD” on the home screen to add students to your account access. See these directions for more information.

Where can I find the Bus Hub?


Families can log onto their School Bus Hub account using a web browser on any internet-connected device. Visit the School Bus Hub website to login to your account.

Install the App

SF School Bus Hub AppSearch “School Bus Hub” in your device’s app store or select on the of the following links –

Google Play Store: School Bus Hub application

Apple Store: School Bus Hub application

How does it work?

In map view, families can see their assigned bus stop, location of the school, and current bus location and direction of bus travel. For security purposes, bus/schedule/and location information is not available when school bus routes are not in progress.

What will I see with my account access?

Bus Route

Your child’s bus route will display on the map with a blue line.  The route automatically shows when the bus driver starts the bus. Our Department of Transportation has configured the system to only be active during preset windows of time that align with each school’s arrival and departure times.

Current Location of the Bus

The green dot with arrow indicates the current bus location on the route. The arrow indicates direction of travel.

Assigned Bus Stop and School

A blue icon with a student next to a bus marks the location of your student’s assigned bus stop.

What does n/a mean?

There are a few reasons to explain why the blue route may not display and/or “n/a” is shown for the Bus Number and Route information. The most common is when a substitute bus is completing the run.

At this time, the computer tracking system is directly linked to a database that assigns a bus to each route. When buses are temporarily removed from service for maintenance or if another bus is assigned to run a route as a substitute, the computer system will not display the route. We are working to improve our workflow to allow for daily updates to the database.

In the event that your student’s route does not display in the morning, we recommend that you bring your child to their assigned bus stop and simultaneously prepare to secure alternate transportation to school in case the bus does not show up.