Hours of Operation
6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Phone:  (757)-547-1617
Fax:  (757)-547-7895
Dr. David Benson
Director of Transportation
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Mr. Herbert Byrd
Assistant Director of Transportation
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Sherry Booker, Coordinator
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E. W. Chittum Elementary
Jolliff Middle
Southwestern Elementary
Western Branch High
Western Branch Intermediate
Western Branch Middle
Western Branch Primary
Deep Creek Elementary
Deep Creek High/SMA
Deep Creek Middle
Camelot Elementary
G. A. Treakle Elementary

Michelle Smith, Coordinator
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Western Branch/Deep Creek
Hickory/Great Bridge
Oscar Smith/Indian River
Peninsula School of Autisim
Plan Bee Academy
SECEP Center
Truehart/LPR Parent Concerns

Richard Morgan, Senior Coordinator
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Butts Road Intermediate
Butts Road Primary
Hickory Elementary
Hickory High
Hickory Middle
Hickory Middle/Hickory High Combo
Southeastern Elementary
Cedar Road Elementary
Great Bridge Primary
Great Bridge Intermediate
Great Bridge Middle
Great Bridge High

Sarah Lawrence, Coordinator
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Deep Creek Central Elementary
Grassfield Elementary
Grassfield High/STEM
Hugo Owens Middle
B. M. Williams Primary
Crestwood Intermediate
Crestwood Middle
Rena B. Wright Primary
Truitt Intermediate
Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Scott Waters, Coordinator
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Greenbrier Primary
Greenbrier Intermediate
Greenbrier Middle
Indian River High
Indian River Middle
Portlock Primary
G. W. Carver Intermediate
Georgetown Primary
Norfolk Highland Primary
Oscar Smith High/IB
Oscar Smith Middle
Sparrow Road Intermediate

Danielle Hope, Transportation Support Clerk
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Athletics Events
Field Trips
Practice Buses/Activity Buses
Alternative/CCSS – All High Schools
Parks & Rec
Mid-Day Kindergarten/PK
Governor’s School

Renee Fullager, GIS Analyst
Email Renee Fullager


CPI Routing
Mid-Day Routing
Regular Routing
SOL Remediation Routing
Special Ed Routing/LPR-McKinney Vento
Elementary Summer School Routing