We believe our teachers are the heart of our school division.  There is nothing more powerful than a highly-effective teacher.  But don’t take our word for it…we asked our community to submit a Shout-Out to their favorite teachers.  Take a look at the difference they make.


Sarah Roberts – B. M. Williams Primary School

Ms. Roberts deserves to be recognized for all she contributes to her profession.  She goes above and beyond teaching in the classroom.  She makes herself available, not only during school time, but also on her personal time.  She always responds to all parental concerns.  She cares about every child, not only as students, but also as individuals with their own personal needs.  She is appreciated, not only as a great teacher, but for being such a great person.  I want to shout-out that I am grateful she works in the Chesapeake School System.  My child definitely loves being in her classroom.  He feels his teacher truly cares about him.

Thank You, Ms. Roberts.

~Carlotta Barzano

Nancy Cruz – Butts Road Intermediate School

Thank you for always supporting your staff and having their backs!  In the current climate this doesn’t always happen and it is much appreciated and makes working at your school a pleasure!

You are a Blessing to so many!!

~Susan Vogler

Olivia McIntyre – Butts Road Intermediate School

Thank you for all you do for our children.  You have been a blessing this year.

~Tanya Proffitt

Trish Momtsios – Butts Road Primary School

Always working diligently to make sure her students are on task and meeting their potential! She works so hard to keep them motivated and engaged!

~Claire Ellis

Michael Thompson – Chesapeake Career Center

Many thanks to Mr. Thompson (Ches. Career Center) who goes over and beyond to reach his students with special skill sets. Your class offers my son challenges in his technical field of choice and prepares him with life long skills that will make him a smart, safe, ethical worker. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance. You are appreciated!

~De Turlington

Margaret Atkinson – Deep Creek Central Elementary School

Ms. Atkinson is an amazingly nurturing, creative, out-of-the-box thinker! Her interdisciplinary class projects show her students real-world applications of what they are learning. A simple chicken coop design project will touch on math (dimensions, area, calculating minimum needs, and cost of supplies), science (to understand the needs of the chickens within), and reading/writing skills (as they document and market their product, or develop a presentation about the process). Students are allowed to flourish at their own pace, and efficient workers are challenged with additional projects that they help shape (like PowerPoint presentations to teach classmates above and beyond the curriculum). She fosters a wonderful sense of community within the classroom and within nature, allowing the students to bond with her farm animals as they learn to respect the world around them.

~Kim Lee

Dedra Blount – Deep Creek High School

Mrs. Blount is a very talented and experienced teacher who always tries to put the needs and wants of her students before her own.  Three words that I could use to describe Mrs. Blount would be caring, informative, and established. She often asks her students how their day went and if they are having a bad day, she will try to talk to them and help them work out solutions to try to dissolve their bad mood.  If there is one thing that I love about Mrs. Blount, it is that she knows how to prioritize.  She is always joking around and having fun, but when it is time to get to work, you know she will do what she has to do.  To me, she is one of the few educators that knows how to control a classroom without having to yell or scream.  In conclusion, Mrs. Blount is an awesome teacher who will go on to teach and enrich more young minds.

~Terry Jones

Katherine Porzel – Deep Creek High School

Thank you for making a difference!  When my daughter signed up for journalism, she didn’t realize how much she would enjoy the class.  I know you gave up a lot of your time because there were emails and texts after school hours as you met deadlines.  You empowered her and taught her a lot.  She even learned a lot about working with others, which she will apply in whatever profession she chooses. Once again, THANKS!!!!!

~Terrie Weston

Angela Scopel – Deep Creek High School

Giving a huge shout out to Angela Scopel for being an amazing teacher.  I want to thank her for thinking and teaching “out of the box”.  She makes learning fun, interactive, and life-applicable.  Students in her classes will leave her classroom at the end of the semester so much better than how they came.  She not only provides instruction on concepts in the area of English, but she pushes them to think, see, and do.  She challenges them to see the injustices in the world and to go out and make a difference.  She guides them along a journey that opens their minds and eyes…allowing them to see the world through new lenses.  If a student is open, they will gain an appreciation for literature, writing, and life lessons.  A novel is not just a novel to “Scope”…it is a tool, a vessel.  Learning to write is not just about passing an SOL…it is about finding your voice and perspective.  Students love her and it is well-deserved.  She loves her students genuinely and they thrive because they know she cares!  She connects with students and makes a lasting impression.  She lights a fire in those she is privileged to serve as a teacher.  She is a unique jewel, and I am thankful to have her as my friend, a fellow mother of twins, and colleague.  I am better because of her. She inspires me to do more and be more!  Thank you, Scopel, for being YOU!!!!

~Tonya Logan

Laura Agudelo – Grassfield High School

Thank you for the musical, Beauty and the Beast.  I enjoyed being a part of the play.  You are a great director and teacher.  You are awesome!

~Mason Taylor

Kristin Bissell – Grassfield High School

Thank you, Ms. Bissell, for being a great teacher.


Lisa Candito – Grassfield High School

Thank you, Ms. Candito, for being the best teacher ever.


Margaret Childers – Grassfield High School

You are a great art teacher.  We have fun in your class.  Thank you for helping me.

~Marcus JB Connolly & Mason Taylor

Thank you so much for teaching art.  You are wonderful.

~Mary Marchi

Elise Krepcho – Grassfield High School

Thank you for all you do.  You are the best!!

~Aniya Horton


Thank you for being the best teacher in the whole world.


Debby Martin – Grassfield High School

Thank you, Mrs. Martin, for having me in your Database Class and your CIS class.  I have learned a lot from you this year.  Without you I would have never been able to understand Access.

~Ethan De Jong

Robin Medlin – Grassfield High School

Thank you, Ms. Medlin, for being the best.


Sharon Norwood-Smith – Grassfield High School

Thank you for teaching me keyboarding.  You are awesome!

~Alaina Reed

Meredith Strahan – Grassfield High School

Even though it is your first year at Grassfield you have made the STEM Academy a fun place to be.  I hope you have many more years of fun at Grassfield.  You have also helped me out by pushing me to do my best, and telling me to keep my grades up so I can graduate.  Thank you.

~Ethan De Jong

Nikeah Tyne – Grassfield High School

Thank you, Ms . Tyne, for being the best PE Teacher.


Regina Brittingham – Great Bridge High School

I want to thank Regina for all she does to help her students to be successful all year long.

~Carol Walters

Sherry Buchanan – Great Bridge High School

Sherry Buchanan is an exceptional educator who fosters critical thinking in her students. She teaches Latin and life lessons that stand her students in good stead. Ms. Buchanan’s students love learning and appreciate her keen intellect and inherent kindness.

~Jacqueline Cross

Sue Airoldi – Great Bridge Intermediate School

Mrs. Airoldi is wonderful!  As a third grade gifted teacher, she (very) effectively covers the curriculum in a creative and engaging way.  My daughter, Marcy, is in Mrs. Airoldi’s class this year and based on Marcy’s feedback, I know that Mrs. Airoldi:

1) Customizes her lessons to incorporate her current students’ interest.

2) Has excellent coping strategies for when the lesson doesn’t go according to plan (like when the network fails to support a technology-filled activity or if circumstances present unforeseen obstacles to the objective).

3) Cares about her students.  Mrs. Airoldi shows an interest in their lives outside of the classroom and is not only concerned with their cognitive development but their emotional development, too.

4) Is fun – Mrs. Airoldi is not afraid to take a chance on chaos with a classroom FULL of 8-9 year olds in the interest of a learning opportunity.

Teachers have a profound impact on the lives of our children.  I am so thankful that my daughter was so fortunate to learn from one of the very best this year – Mrs. Airoldi is wonderful!

~Monica Agudelo


Mrs. Airoldi makes learning fun.  We are always working on fun activities.  I really like the STEM bins.  Thank you, Mrs. Airoldi, for making 3rd grade awesome!  You are a great teacher!

~Connor Vail

Kim Midgette – Great Bridge Intermediate School

I’d like to give a shout-out to Kim Midgette.  She is a fourth grade LEAD teacher at Great Bridge Intermediate.  Kim always has a smile no matter the circumstances.  She is a team player who is excited to learn new things or share her knowledge with others.  Kim works hard to plan lessons that meet her students at their level and expand their learning.  I’ve see students do amazing things and truly reach their potential with her as their teacher.

~Amy Meersman

Lisa Crooks – Great Bridge Primary School

Mrs. Crooks is very nice.  She helps us become better readers.  We even get to do lots of cool things in science.   Thank you for being a great teacher.

~Hayden Vail

Michele Gilmore – Great Bridge Primary School

Ms. Michele Gilmore teaches Pre-K Reverse Mainstream at Great Bridge Primary.  Although my child is not assigned to her capable care this year, both of my girls were so lucky to be in Ms. Michele’s pre-K class (my younger, Caroline was in her class for 2 years and my older, Marcy, was in her class 1 year prior to kindergarten).  Ms. Michele is patient, kind, and expertly skilled in her content.  Both of my girls were beyond prepared for kindergarten – demonstrating reading skills that have launched them towards further successes as they have progressed past pre-K.  Ms. Michele is a tremendous asset to the GBP community!  Through her efforts and big heart, she is helping to set strong educational foundations for all the students entrusted in her care.

~Monica Agudelo

Leslie Rafter – Great Bridge Primary School

You make PE so much fun!  Thank you for teaching us new games and allowing us to run around.

~Hayden Vail

Camille Beliveau – Hickory High School

Mrs. Beliveau deserves a HUGE shout out for impacting her students in a positive way!  She makes each student feel important and encourages them every chance she’s given.  Her lessons draw students’ attention to feel as if they’re on a battlefield or making them understand how history impacts their world today.  She’s the kind of teacher that students will fondly remember in 30 years because of her most gracious and loving spirit.

~Crystal Riddick

Kim Seymour – Hickory Middle School

Thank you for being so amazing.  Coming to my child’s dance competition on your weekend off is above and beyond.  This is something that my child will remember forever.  It’s teachers like you that change the world with kindness for children.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children.

~Tanya Proffitt

Charlene Thompson – Hickory Middle School

For providing a safe place for my son to eat his lunch and for showing him kindness and caring! What an amazing role model! She has been great at communicating and really gets our boy! Thank you to you and all of the special education teachers who make our kids feel safe and loved!

~Kristina Trinkala

Tom Hall – Hugo A. Owens Middle School

Mr. Hall is a mathematical magician! His Pre-Algebra class is easily my daughter’s favorite class each day, and he has instilled an amazing sense of confidence in her abilities. While she’s always been good at math, she now truly enjoys it and looks forward to learning more with Mr. Hall every day. He incorporates real-world examples in his work and shows kids that these math concepts will be essential to their post-school lives.

~Kim Lee

Matthew Phillips – Hugo A. Owens Middle School

Mr. Phillips combines a wicked sense or humor with his deep knowledge of music to make Band an amazing place to be! From his early morning practice sessions to his encouraging and supportive manner, the students truly look forward to time in the Band room.

~Kim Lee

8th Grade English Teachers – Oscar Smith Middle School

For making outstanding progress in the midst of change; for uniting and working to provide creative, targeted, and engaging opportunities beyond the school day; for working through challenges and remaining focused on our shared vision of raising expectations for each person in our building.

~Kinyatta Garrett

Amy Wood – Oscar Smith Middle School

Amy is an amazing teacher and person! She deserves a shout out for her creativity, commitment, and passion for teaching!

~Steve Harrison

Silvia Yates – Oscar Smith Middle School

Mrs. Yates is our Spanish teacher.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist our students and their families.  A large population of our students come from families who speak very little English.  Mrs. Yates is always (not during classroom time) willing to answer telephone calls, return telephone calls to parents, attend meetings, translate attendance notes, and interact with staff to assist these families, all while maintaining a controlled classroom.  She is also friendly to everyone, shows appreciation for others on special occasions, and her sense of humor brightens my day.  She has been a joy to work with for the past five years.

~LaRosa Hawkins

Kim Benson – Rena B. Wright Primary School

Mrs. Benson has been the backbone of the reading program for Rena B Wright Primary.  Her tireless effort and enormous concern for the children is evident everyday.  I have seen her devotion to testing, tutoring, and nurturing each and every child she encounters.  She is an awesome woman to work with and learn from.  Mrs. Benson is my choice for a special shout out because of who she is and for what she does!

~Denise Vaught

Kirsten Lewis – Rena B. Wright Primary School

Our grandson is so lucky to have Mrs. Lewis as his kindergarten teacher. She does a fabulous job and keeps the parents inform of students progress. I wish there were more like her!

~Tina Blackwelder

Pam Pierce – Rena B. Wright Primary School

We love Ms. Pierce, she’s been a great teacher for Theo!  We love all our RBW family; we’ve been so blessed to have our kids there.

~Rose B.

Brittany Brunson – Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

You are a great teacher. You always put your students first and you refer to them as your babies. You handle situations with an open mind and will set someone straight if they come for your babies. You deserve this shout out because your data speaks for itself. I am not saying this because you are my daughter, but I am glad that you are because you are a great third grade teacher.

~Lori Brunson

Elizabeth Phelps – Truitt Intermediate School

Thank you, Ms. Phelps, for being such a great teacher!  Thank you for pushing TJ to be an even better student.

~Rose B.

Portia Webster – Western Branch High School

Shout out to Mrs. Webster for being a great teacher!

~Kyle Hardy

You’re an awesome trig teacher!

~Gracie Crum

LaJeanne McKinney – Western Branch Middle School

Thank you, Ms. McKinney, for making Science fun.  I have tried for years to get Blake to enjoy science.  Somehow you did it!!!  Thank you for your time and dedication.

~Tenea Adams