OneLogin help for Students: on CPS Issued Chromebook

To get started on your CPS issued Chromebook, open up the Chromebook and wait for it to power on.
You should see the following login screen:

Sign in to your Chromebook screenshot

Click the Next Button
If you do not see this screen, please make sure the device is connected to wireless and reboot the device. You may need to reboot more than once to ensure that the device receives pending updates.

  1. In the Login screen, type in your username in the Username textbox.
    CPS OneLogin Login screenshot: Username and Password

    Username will be your student ID: a Seven digit number starting with “1” (11……, 12…… 13…., 14……, etc.)
    Click Continue.
  2. Type your default password (see below) in the Password textbox (see password defaults below). Click Continue.
    OneLogin_screenshot_student password
    Default Passwords:
    Grades K-2 – Passwords will be communicated by classroom teacher.
    Grades 3-5 – Default password is birthdate in the following format: “DDmonYY” Example: 05apr96
    Grades 6-12* – Default password is birthdate in the following format: “DDmonYY!”, birthdate plus “!” Example: 05apr96!
    *Grades 6-12 will be prompted to change their passwords. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters with at least 1 letter and one number. There will be an additional screen for students in grades 6-12 to set their password.

The OneLogin Extension – Access Applications

You are now signed into both Google and OneLogin. You will notice a OneLogin icon in your extensions in your browser. Chromebook OneLogin dash iconsWhen you click the icon, you will see icons of the apps available to you via one login.

You can also go to the OneLogin portal: but you don’t need to go there unless you don’t have the extension.

This portal is where you will see all the applications that are automatically accessible with your OneLogin access. We will continually update OneLogin and integrated platforms will appear as we add them! 

We invite you to click on Drive to ensure you can connect to your G Suite.

Accessing Schoology

Once you have completed the above steps and used OneLogin to Authenticate into GSuite, you can open a new tab in your browser and go to and you should be able to go right into your Schoology account without logging in again.