Virtual Instruction Program FAQs

Will the student need to have a computer to take an online course?

The student will need a reliable computer with an internet connection. This can be a computer at home or at the public library. A mobile device is not sufficient.


How will the student get in touch with the teacher if the student has questions?

The student will be provided with the teacher’s email address as well as an area within Desire2Learn to discuss questions with the teacher.  Students can also contact teachers through Synergy.


Will the student be issued textbooks for the course?

The home school will provide students with textbooks for the course if necessary.


What training will be provided to students?

Students will be required to complete an online orientation prior to participating in an online course for the first time with Chesapeake Public Schools.


How will parents communicate with the teacher?

Parents will be able to contact the teacher via email, through Synergy, or by phone.


Will there be face-to-face meetings?

No, there are no face-to-face meetings. However, students must take the Virginia Department of Education mandated tests at the end of their course (if applicable) at their zoned school.


How do parents schedule a parent-teacher conference?

Parents should schedule meetings for all of their students’ teachers through the guidance department.


Is there immediate help available to the students?

Students need to be self-sufficient and are asked to give teachers at least 24 hours to respond to emails or messages within the Desire2Learn system.


What kind of technical support is available? Is it available 24/7?

Technical support procedures are available for school equipment only. If you are experiencing trouble with your personal computer or Internet Service Provider, you should contact the appropriate technical support personnel for those companies. Students experiencing technical difficulties within the Desire2Learn system should report problems to their teacher.