light bulb_microscope_science toolsScientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone because scientific information is used to make choices every day. Individuals need to engage intelligently in debates about life and world issues and demonstrate scientific literacy in the workplace. Jobs in the twenty-first century will require that workers are able to learn, reason, make decisions, think critically, and solve problems. An understanding of science contributes to these attributes.

The Chesapeake Public Schools’ science program is aligned with the Virginia Science Standards of Learning (SOL) and the objectives and goals of the National Science Education Standards (NSES). The content standards, the unifying concepts and process standards, and the inquiry standards that are outlined below are demonstrated in the Virginia SOL and NSES standards that will prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The kindergarten through grade twelve content standards include the following:
* Unifying concepts and processes in science
* Science as inquiry
* Physical science
* Life science
* Earth and space science
* Science and technology
* Science in personal and social perspectives
* History and nature of science

The kindergarten through grade twelve unifying concepts and process standards includes the following:
* Systems, order, and organism
* Evidence, models, and explanation
* Change, constancy, and measurements.
* Evolution and equilibrium
* Form and function

The kindergarten through grade twelve science as inquiry standard include the following:
* Understanding of science concepts
* An appreciation of how we know what we know in science
* Understanding of the nature of science
* Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world
* The disposition to use the skills, abilities, and attitudes associated with science

These standards are incorporated in the Chesapeake K-12 curriculum. Successful implementation and completion of these standards will prepare Chesapeake students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and well informed, productive citizens.