Schoology_logoSchoology,/skoo-luh-jee/: A learning management system (LMS) that connects all the people, content, and systems that fuel education.
Schoology will provide our teachers the power to extend their classrooms into an online platform that will facilitate both scheduled teacher-led and independent at-home learning. Teachers can share announcements, special dates, pictures, newsletters, discussion boards, lessons, videos, and more on Schoology.


Students are automatically enrolled in Schoology by their assigned school during the class enrollment process (managed by Synergy).
Students will not have to create an account – they will log into Schoology using their CPS Google accounts.
Parents will have to create an account – parents will receive an alpha-numeric join code that is linked to their child. Multiple parents can use the same join code in order to be connected to their children.
This video shows how to log onto Schoology with your parent account.

Parent Schoology Login Link

Teacher Schoology Login Link
Student Schoology Login Link


A Schoology Parent account will provide view-access to their student’s activity in Schoology. Parents will be able to monitor upcoming assignments, overdue work, and other course content. In addition, parents will be able to view opportunities offered to their student through the Groups feature. Synergy will remain the gradebook of record. This means you will still access your student’s grades through your ParentVUE account.


Schoology can be accessed directly on the web through a browser or on an app installed on your mobile device (phone or tablet). Typically, apps have reduced capabilities or other limitations compared to the full website. While the Schoology app is very robust and students will be able to complete many assignments and assessments using a mobile device, it will not provide the same experience as using the full web-based site. This is particularly true for any assignments students have to submit using Google based products such as Docs, Slides, or Sheets.


Schoology resources are constantly IN DEVELOPMENT. Resources will be posted as they become available.

1. Are there certain search engines/devices that are incompatible with Schoology?
Schoology is compatible with any web browser, but works best in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  

2.How will students log onto Schoology? 
Students should first setup their OneLogin solution to access their GSuite account. Student Schoology accounts are synced with their GSuite account. When they visit the student portal to login to Schoology is linked here, they should select their GSuite account to gain access.  

3. Are there specific programs or apps we should install on the devices our children will use to access Schoology to help ensure they have access to online learning?
Schoology, Google Meet, and Synergy are all web-based programs that do not require additional downloads to be used.

4. Can my student access Schoology on their smart phone? 
Schoology is a web-based learning management system. It can be accessed on a smart phone through a mobile browser (Chrome or Safari). There is also an app that can be installed on your mobile device, however some of the features are not available within the app (and can only be accessed from a web browser).

5. How will Schoology be used in conjunction with ParentVUE? Will we log into both places to see grades and/or assignments that may be missing?
Synergy will remain the record for grades; Schoology is the learning management system that houses curriculum, lessons, activities, assignments, and assessments. To see your student's grades, you must log onto ParentVUE. Parent access to Schoology will allow you to stay connected to your student's activities (both academic and extracurricular) Your Schoology parent account will allow you to check on your student's classroom progress, see upcoming assignments and/or due dates, and make sure work is being completed on time.

6. Do you have any tips to help special needs children navigate this Schoology?
Teachers will differentiate their courses in Schoology to meet the needs of their students and will guide students in the use of Schoology during instructional time.