Preschool Opportunities


CPI is a FREE full-day program for children who will be four years old by September 30th and who live in Chesapeake.

The program is designed to give eligible children opportunities to create a firm educational foundation that can be used to achieve academic and social success.


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Chesapeake Preschool Initiative Application

The Chesapeake Preschool Initiative (CPI) Office is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Applicants who meet eligibility criteria must submit the completed application no later than June 15, 2023, to secure a screening appointment.

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance into the program is determined on eligibility criteria and identified risk factors, not on a first-come, first-served basis. Risk factors include, but are not limited to; family income, level of parent/ legal guardian education, housing concerns or homelessness, and special needs or disability.

Selections and Notifications

Selections and notifications for the 2023-2024 CPI Program take place the first week of July.  Notifications will be sent via the email provided on the submitted application.

1. How do I enroll/register my child for the CPI preschool program?

Parents should first apply for the CPI preschool program.  Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Complete an online application.  Our applications are only available  during application windows. Visit our Preschool Opportunities webpage where you can complete an application, upload required documents, and submit your application.

Step 2

The CPI department will contact you to schedule an eligibility screening, after your application and documents have been reviewed.

Step 3

When a CPI position is offered and you accept, the CPI department  will email you “Next Step” instructions for registration and enrollment with your CPI assigned school.

2. I did enrollment online already, why do I have to apply separately?

Preschool positions are limited, so applying, and being screened for eligibility is necessary.

3. What documents do I need to provide when applying for the CPI program?

There are specific documents required to determine eligibility.  For a full list of the documents,  please click here.

4. What if I do not have one or more of the required documents? (Such as an original birth certificate, or an electric, gas, or water utility bill in my name.)

Email for assistance and let us know which documents you are missing.

5. I sent the required document(s) already to one department in Chesapeake Public Schools.  Why do I have to send the document(s) again?

To protect your privacy, and to ensure that each CPS department and/or school has your most current document(s) and information, you may be asked to re-send your document(s) by each department.  Chesapeake Public Schools appreciates your cooperation and understanding.

6. When will I be notified if my child was accepted into the CPI program?

Notification letters will be emailed at the beginning of July.  To ensure that you receive our email notification promptly, please make sure the CPI department has your current email address and telephone number.

7. Is CPI located at every school?

There are currently seven schools that host CPI classrooms, and they serve all of the CPS elementary and primary schools.  Eligible students are placed in the CPI school determined by your kindergarten school zone.

The seven CPI schools are:

B.M. Williams Primary
Camelot Elementary
Georgetown Primary
Rena B. Wright Primary

Southwestern Elementary
Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Western Branch Primary

8. Which school will my child attend for preschool?

CPI school is determined by the kindergarten zone where you reside.

9. Is transportation provided for my child?

Transportation will be provided if you attend your zoned/assigned CPI school.

10. What time does CPI start?

The CPI full-day program follows the elementary/primary school hours.  Please visit our webpage for a complete listing of school start times.  Please note: CPI students are subject to the CPS attendance policies and procedures and may be subject to withdrawal from the program for excessive tardiness and/or absences.

11. Can I still apply if I am not a Chesapeake resident?

To be eligible to apply for the CPI program, you and your child must be residents of Chesapeake.  In addition, your child must be four years old by September 30th of the application school year.

12. What happens if I move before school starts or during the school year?

As soon as you know that you will be moving (in or out of the Chesapeake school district), call the CPI Office at (757) 842-4099. CPI class size and number of positions are limited at each CPI school, and transfers between schools cannot be made unless there are open CPI positions.
If you are no longer a Chesapeake resident, your child will not be able to attend the CPS CPI program.


Young students who have identified developmental delays may be eligible to attend classes that provide early childhood special education. Children ages 2 to 5 are enrolled in their neighborhood schools. Individualized educational programs are developed so that daily instruction is designed to address specific weaknesses and build on the strengths of each child. The program is cost-free for eligible students. For information regarding student testing and eligibility procedures, call the Office of Exceptional Learning, Edwards-Wilson Center, at 📞(757)494-7600.


Reverse mainstream is a district program that brings non-disabled children into preschool classes serving children with developmental delays. It allows a variety of children to learn and play together, builds self-esteem, develops acceptance of others, provides age-appropriate peer models, and includes age-appropriate activities. Employees of the Chesapeake Public Schools and residents of Chesapeake may enroll their 3- or 4-year old children in the program. Space is limited and tuition will be a flat fee based upon the days of attendance. Payment will be expected at the time of registration. The child will NOT be permitted to start until FULL payment is received.   In most cases, transportation is provided.

For applications and Reverse Mainstream information, contact your local elementary or primary school.


Head Start is a federally-funded program that works directly with localities. The Virginia Head Start State Collaboration Project oversees the program and represents its interests on the state level. For HRCAP Head Start 3-year-old and 4-year-old preschool opportunities, please call (757) 673-0548 or visit