Chesapeake Online

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Chesapeake Online allows students in grades K-12 to take online courses taught by a certified teacher from Chesapeake Public Schools.  While students maintain a connection to their home school and can participate in all school sponsored sports, clubs, and activities, their classmates include students from across the district.  Students use Schoology as the learning management system to access course content, interact with their teacher and classmates, and complete assignments.  

Students should expect to spend as much time working on their courses in Chesapeake Online as they would spend on-campus.  Courses include both synchronous teacher led instruction as well as asynchronous, independent online learning activities.  Courses are not self paced, students are expected to participate daily, and all work is graded according to the district’s grading scale.

Full Time Online Program

Students enrolled in the full time Chesapeake Online program follow the Chesapeake Public Schools calendar and participate in online instruction from home five days per week.  Courses are not self paced and participation is expected each day in teacher-led learning activities.  At the elementary level students are expected to attend synchronous online session for approximately 1-2 hours per day for students in kindergarten through second grade and 1.5-2.5 hours per day for students in third through fifth grade.  Students in middle and high school are expected to participate in 30-45 minute synchronous online learning sessions each day for each course in which they are enrolled.  Students spend additional time each day working on asynchronous, independent online learning activities.  Students receiving specialized supports, such as those in special education, English learners, gifted education, and students requiring targeted intervention receive added instructional time as needed.

All core courses are available for students in grades K-8 as well as courses required for graduation at the high school level.  Depending on enrollment additional elective courses are available as well.  At the middle and high school level, some electives may be offered to students through Virtual Virginia.

Students in the full time program may be required to report to campus to complete certain standardized assessments such as SOL’s or AP exams.  This does not apply to routine course level assessments created by the instructor.

Part Time Online Program

Students at the high school level may take online courses while also taking courses on campus.  Students who select this option must take the course as part of their normal course load and meet all course pre-requisite requirements as outlined in the Chesapeake Public Schools High School Course Catalog.  

Courses in the part time online program are largely asynchronous in nature and do not require attendance at daily teacher led instruction sessions.  However, they are not entirely self-paced and students must adhere to a schedule with assignments due a various times during the week.  Students do not have to be on campus to complete work in courses offered through the part time online program, but may be required to report to campus to complete certain standardized assessments such as SOL’s or AP exams.

Students interested in taking a Chesapeake Online course through the part time online program should contact their guidance counselor to obtain registration materials.  

Listed below are course offerings for the 2020-2021 school year.  All courses require sufficient enrollment and are subject to change.

Advanced Placement Economics Full Year
Economics & Personal Finance Fall, Spring, Summer
English 9 (academic or honors) Spring
English 10 (academic or honors) Fall
English 11 (academic or honors) Fall, Summer
English 12 (academic or honors) Spring, Summer
Health & PE 9 Fall, Spring, Summer
Health & PE 10, not including driver’s education Fall, Spring, Summer
Oceanography Fall, Spring
VA & US Government (academic or honors) Fall, Spring, Summer
VA & US History (academic or honors) Spring, Summer
World History I (academic or honors) Fall
World History II (academic or honors) Spring