“Do not worry about your difficulties with mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.”  – Albert Einstein math symbols_addition_subtraction_division_addition_ inside a boxThe mathematics curriculum for Chesapeake Public Schools bridges the mathematics development of students from beginning awareness of numbers and patterns through arithmetic to an array of mathematics concepts and skills. The curriculum, or what is taught, is the fundamental component of the mathematics program.

The following statements reflect the basic beliefs underlying mathematics curriculum in Chesapeake Public Schools:

  •  The mathematics curriculum serves to encourage all students to appreciate mathematics throughout their school years.
  • The curriculum is based on the belief that all students can learn and will benefit from meaningful mathematics.
  • The curriculum bridges the transition from arithmetic to algebra, in such a way, that algebra is accessible to all students.
  • The curriculum accommodates developmental differences among students.
  • The curriculum optimizes stimulating new material and provides embedded review throughout the program.
  • The curriculum recognizes that some content becomes more important because technology requires it and some content becomes possible because technology allows access to it.
  • The curriculum incorporates applications and real world mathematics throughout the program.
  • The curriculum treats mathematics as a connected, unified subject.

The intent of the mathematics program is to prepare all students to use mathematics and problem-solving skills in further education or on the job. The program focuses on mastering the objectives of the SOL, problem-solving, communicating and reasoning mathematically, applying mathematics to real-world situations, and using technology.