Library Services

Mission and Objectives of the School Library Program
Recognizing that the library media program is a vital element of the school, the Chesapeake school librarians believe that the school library should serve as a resource, learning, and instructional information center. We seek to ensure that teachers and students are effective users of ideas and information and become lifelong learners.

The school library program encompasses all activities in which students and staff use materials and equipment to promote learning. To serve its patrons in the most beneficial manner, the school library program should be a cooperative venture between the school librarian, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community. In accordance with this mission, the Chesapeake school library program encompasses the following goals:

  • To acquire, store, make available, and distribute a varied collection of instructional materials and equipment that support and supplement all phases of the curriculum.
  • To provide students with resources and services which will promote independent learning and student responsibility while stimulating personal creativity.
  • To provide instruction which will help students become skilled, critical, and ethical users of resources.
  • To work directly with teachers and administrators in the selection and use of all types of resources.
  • To collaborate with other staff members in programs that foster professional growth.
  • To support the overall school program in its efforts to meet the needs of students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders.

Role of the School Librarian
Chesapeake Public Schools embrace the four roles of the school librarian: teacher, instructional partner, informational specialist, and program administrator, as described by Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning. As partners in the learning process, school librarians provide the necessary human link between a well-developed school library and the users served by the program. As such, they translate the goals presented in the mission statement into innovative and rewarding learning experiences. School librarians bring to the school community expert knowledge about the world of information and ideas in their forms.