Family Life Education

Family Life Education is a special health unit that addresses topics involving human sexuality. This unit is taught by specialists and/or teachers who have been trained to provide factual information that can build upon the knowledge children have already received from home.

Elementary and intermediate students receive instruction for three days and middle/secondary students receive instruction for a minimum of five days. The Family Life Education unit is offered to students in grades five through nine. Only age-appropriate information will be given in accordance to the grade level.

The school system also offers a Special Needs Family Life Education curriculum. This curriculum is taught in conjunction with the elementary and secondary classes.

The Family Life specialists also present a HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infection presentation as a review to all twelfth-grade students. HIV/AIDS is a major health concern in today’s society. To stop the spread of this disease, it is urgent that everyone be educated about HIV/AIDS. This information stresses the importance of this abstinence based program for our graduating seniors. This presentation requires one full class time of instruction. Seniors attend this presentation in their government class.

Some parents may feel that topics involving human sexuality are too personal for presentation in a school setting. Parents have the right to remove their child from this unit or portions of this unit that they find objectionable. Before any of the Family Life units are taught a letter is sent home for parents to make a decision about whether their child will participate in the Family Life Education classes. Please direct any questions about the Family Life Education classes to your child’s principal.