Health & Physical Education

Mission Statement
The mission of the health, physical education, family life education, driver education and wellness programs in the Chesapeake Public Schools is to provide students with meaningful experiences committed to achieving and continuing a healthy life of wellness.


Healthy minds and bodies are basic to a students total wellness and ability to be successful in school. To ensure each students success, parents, school personnel, and community members must work in partnership for the development of every student. All students should be afforded the opportunity to develop themselves to their highest potential physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally in order to become productive citizens in a multicultural society. The health, physical education, driver education, and family life education programs should teach students knowledge, skills, and, positive attitudes towards acquiring fit minds and bodies which will manifest into a lifetime of wellness and learning. Our program provides opportunities for students to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills such as cooperation and respect,
  • Develop citizenship through teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility, and accountability,
  • Develop carry-over skills and attitudes to use leisure time productively by encouraging parental involvement,
  • Provide activities that will enable students to develop to their optimum health and fitness level within their own strengths and limitations,
  • Promote stress management and relaxation through health and physical activities,
  • Provide activities that enhance fun and well-being,
  • Provide a safe environment and develop a concern for safety, and
  • Realize the importance of good health and fitness to learning.