Google G Suite for Education FAQ

What is Google G Suite for Education?
G Suite for Education is a bundle of online tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Classroom that allow students and teachers to easily communicate electronically, collaborate with each other, and store information in a safe environment.

What G Suite apps are Chesapeake Public Schools allowing students to access?
Students have access to Google Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Drawing, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Keep, Maps, Sheets, and Slides.

Are students issued a Gmail address?
All students are issued a Gmail address that they use to log into G Suite. However, students in grades K-5 do not have access to Gmail and students in grades 6-8 are only able to email within the Chesapeake Public Schools domain. High school students are permitted to use their Gmail for educational purposes outside of the Chesapeake Public Schools domain.

What student information does Chesapeake Public Schools provide to Google?
Chesapeake Public Schools provides only data that is required to create a Google login which resembles an email address. This includes students first name, middle initial, and last name.

How is student information collected by Google protected?
Information sent to Google is encrypted during transit and while it is at rest, including data a student may store on their Google Drive.

More information about Google’s privacy protections can be viewed by clicking the link below.
Google Privacy and Security

How does Google use student information provided by Chesapeake Public Schools?
Information provided by Chesapeake Public Schools is used only to provide access to G Suite and its features. Chesapeake Public Schools is the owner of the G Suite account; however, the student maintains ownership of any artifacts created and stored in G Suite.

Virginia state law prevents entities who provide schools with related services from using student information for their own benefit. As such, student information is only used to provide schools with the ability to use the services accordingly.

Are advertisements being targeted towards students in G Suite?
Google G Suite for Education does not “process customer data for advertising purpose” and does not allow any advertisements.

Is G Suite for Education compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
G Suite for Education is compliant with FERPA regulations as stated in their G Suite for Education Agreement which can be viewed by clicking the link below.
G Suite for Education (Online) Agreement

Where can I find more information about Google’s G Suite for Education privacy policy?
The G Suite for Education for Privacy Notice can viewed by clicking the link below.
G Suite for Education Privacy Notice

Where can I view my child’s privacy settings for their G Suite account?
You and your child can visit while signed into your child’s G Suite for Education account to view and manage account settings.

What happens to student email accounts and documents saved in Drive when they leave the school system?
When leaving the school system, students have 7 days to transfer any files or emails from their G Suite account to their personal storage. After the 7-day grace period ends, the student’s entire account, including all files and emails, is permanently deleted. Neither Chesapeake Public Schools nor Google has the ability to restore files once the account has been deleted.

How can a student save important emails and files prior to their account being deleted?
Students should contact the Technology Integration Specialist in their school to obtain directions for saving G Suite files prior to leaving the school system.

Are students being provided with internet safety training by Chesapeake Public Schools?
All Chesapeake Public Schools students receive internet safety training. Instruction is provided as a lesson and reinforced as appropriate by the classroom teacher when students are using different types of technology. More information can be found by clicking the link below.
Chesapeake Public Schools Internet Safety

Why am I being asked to sign a parental consent form?
While G Suite services comply with all federal privacy laws protecting student data, Chesapeake Public Schools believes it is important to always inform parents and guardians about the efforts we take to protect our students’ privacy and safety when using online educational tools.