Secondary English

Recognizing the need for students to be prepared to read and to participate in society as literate citizens equipped with the ability to communicate effectively, the English curriculum in Chesapeake addresses this need by encompassing all of the English Standards of Learning as set forth by the Board of Education for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The English standards are organized into four related strands (oral language, reading/literature, writing, and research). Children in Chesapeake should be the recipients of a balanced instructional program that will support their efforts in the community, in the work place, or in postsecondary education. Information for Parents Please help us to help your child to read and to write well.

  • Provide an area of your home that will be designated just for reading and writing. The area will need good lighting, a flat surface for writing, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.
  • Encourage writing in your home. When your child has a writing assignment due, engage in a conversation about the chosen topic. Focus on the ideas generated; encourage research and the time spent on writing. Because writing is a process, students need to return to the same piece of writing several times. A polished finished product needs effort and time. Be aware of this concept, please.
  • Encourage reading in your home. Buy books or magazines as gifts whenever appropriate. Ask your child what he or she is reading and discuss what you are currently reading.