Student Life_CVA

Chesapeake Virtual Academy students remain connected to their home school and can participate in all school sponsored sports, clubs, and activities.  Students will continue to work with their home school counselor and will receive a diploma from their home school upon graduation.

Students may complete their CVA coursework from any location where a computer and internet connection are available.  Depending on a student’s schedule they may decide to participate in CVA courses from school, or work from home, the public library, or any location that suits their needs.  Part-time CVA High students taking a mixture of on-campus and virtual classes may work from school or home if they are able to provide their own transportation to and from school.  Students must report to their zoned school campus to complete standardized assessments mandated by Chesapeake Public Schools (MAP, PALS, industry credentials, etc.), the Virginia Department of Education, and/or College Board.

Students should expect to spend the same amount of time working on their CVA classes as they would in a traditional course.  Some students may spend less, or more, time on a particular course depending on the level of the course (academic, honors, AP) and their individual work habits.

CVA Teachers

CVA teachers may be full-time virtual teachers or teach a combination of on-campus and virtual courses.  All teachers are Chesapeake Public Schools employees who have a connection to our community, school division, and our students.  Students should expect to have classmates from all seven of Chesapeake’s high schools in their CVA courses.