CVA Elementary School

Chesapeake Virtual Academy - Elementary - grades k-5

Beginning with the 2022-23 school year Chesapeake Public Schools will offer students in grades K-5 a new virtual learning option with Chesapeake Virtual Academy (CVA).   CVA will replace the full-time Virtual Virginia program and students who are accepted into the program remain enrolled at their Chesapeake Public Schools zoned school where they can participate in all school sponsored sports, clubs, and activities.  CVA students learn alongside peers from other schools in the city, follow the same CPS curriculum used in brick and mortar settings, and CVA teachers are employed by Chesapeake Public Schools.  

Elementary students who enroll in Chesapeake Virtual Academy will participate in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities five days a week.  While students will have the ability to work at a pace that is personalized to their needs, students are expected to adhere to a daily schedule with assignments due at various times during the week.  Parents must commit to providing students with the following supports:

  • Ensure students attend a full day of teacher-led instruction with cameras on five days a week.
  • Ensure students complete additional required daily independent learning assignments five days a week.
  • Ensure students have their own computer and internet access, or use a Chromebook and/or hotspot issued by Chesapeake Public Schools.
  • Ensure students are provided with a safe, structured, and supervised learning environment.

Caregivers who will support students on a daily basis should possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using the Internet for independent learning activities, email, and the Schoology learning management system.

Space is limited in Chesapeake Virtual Academy and applications will be evaluated on a first come, first served basis. Students must be able to participate in daily synchronous instruction with their camera turned on and work independently to complete asynchronous assignments. Applications will be evaluated using the criteria listed below:

  • Student meets academic course requirements by earning passing grades in all core courses (English, math, science, social studies) in the 2021-22 school year.
  • Student exhibits adequate attendance by having 18 or fewer daily absences (excused or unexcused) in the 2021-22 school year.

  • Students interested in enrolling in CVA courses should complete the application during the 2022-23 scheduling window (January-February 2022). The deadline to submit CVA course requests is March 1, 2022. Space is limited and course availability is determined by enrollment so the earlier students submit their course requests the greater chance they have to secure a seat.

    Chesapeake Virtual Academy students make a one year commitment to the program when they enroll. Students have until June 1, 2022 to change their mind and withdraw from the program.
CVA Elementary students will receive instruction in English and language arts (reading and writing), math, science, and social studies. They will also participate in elementary resources classes, including music, art and physical education. Services for students with exceptional learning needs (EL, gifted, and special education) will be provided.

CVA Elementary students are required to participate in live, synchronous instruction five days a week with cameras on.  Students are also required to participate in independent learning five days a week to complete asynchronous assignments.  Attendance at student support sessions is on an as needed basis.

The schedule below is a sample CVA Elementary schedule and may vary from student to student.  Students with exceptional learning needs may be required to attend additional synchronous online or in-person instruction to receive related services and support from an appropriately licensed Chesapeake Public Schools teacher.


Time Activity Format
7:45-8:00 AM Morning Meeting Synchronous
8:00-8:20 AM Word Study/Phonics/Phonemic Awareness Synchronous
8:20-8:40 AM Interactive read aloud/Shared reading Synchronous
8:40-9:30 AM Reading workshop w/small group guided reading Asynchronous
9:30-10:00 AM Writing Workshop Synchronous
10:30-10:30 AM Science/Social Studies Synchronous
10:30-11:00 AM Science/Social Studies Asynchronous
11:00-11:30 AM Lunch
11:30 AM-12:00 PM Recess
12:00-12:45 PM Math Synchronous
12:45-1:30 PM Math w/small group Asynchronous
1:30-2:00 PM Resource (Art, Music, PE) Synchronous
2:00-2:15 PM Daily Closure Synchronous
2:15-2:45 PM Student Support Sessions (Power Up) Synchronous
  • Access to a computer (personal or school Chromebook) and internet connection (personal, public, or CPS hotspot).
    • Please note: a mobile device (phone or tablet) is not sufficient.
  • CPS will provide tech support for CPS issued hardware only.
  • Students should possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using the Internet for independent learning activities, email, G-Suite applications, and the Schoology learning management system.

How much time will I spend working on an online class?
Students should expect to spend the same amount of time completing work for an online class as they would a traditional class. For elementary students this means they may have additional assignments to complete (homework) in addition to the time they spend in synchronous instruction.

Can I complete CVA courses from home?
Students may complete their CVA coursework from any location where a computer and internet connection are available. Depending on a student’s schedule they may decide to participate in CVA courses from home, the public library, or any location that suits their needs.

What is the CVA Elementary attendance policy?
Students are required to attend all synchronous courses at the assigned time. In addition they must complete a daily attendance check and are expected to adhere to all policies, including the Chesapeake Public Schools attendance policy, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Are live, synchronous sessions recorded?
Since attendance at synchronous sessions is required they will not be recorded.

Do CVA students ever have to report to campus?
Students must be on campus at their zoned school to complete standardized assessments mandated by Chesapeake Public Schools and the Virginia Department of Education.

Are EL and gifted services available to CVA Elementary students?
EL and gifted services will be provided to CVA Elementary students.

Will I be able to play sports and attend extra curricular events if I attend Chesapeake Virtual Academy?
Yes. CVA students remain connected to their home school and can participate in all school sponsored sports, clubs, and activities.

Will I have teachers from my home school for CVA courses?
CVA Elementary teachers will be full-time virtual teachers and are not connected to a brick and mortar building. All teachers are Chesapeake Public Schools employees who have a connection to our community, school division, and our students. Students should expect to have classmates from all of Chesapeake’s elementary schools in their CVA courses.

How is Chesapeake Virtual Academy different from Virtual Virginia?
All CVA teachers are Chesapeake Public Schools employees and follow the same district curriculum as students in on campus courses. In addition, all students enrolled in CVA are Chesapeake Public Schools students.