Continuity of Learning during Quarantine or Isolation

Quarantining and isolating students due to COVID-19 exposure or illness has proven to be an effective mitigation strategy in preventing the spread of the virus in schools. The goal of Chesapeake Public Schools is to ensure the continuity of learning for students during extended absences from school as a result of quarantine or isolation.

We realize that circumstances related to quarantine and isolation will vary considerably from student to student. Therefore, the information below provides a general framework that families can expect should their children need to quarantine or isolate.

Individual Student Quarantine

When individual students are out due to quarantine, teachers are expected to provide access to daily instruction via live Google Meet sessions or recorded daily lessons shared in Schoology. Elementary schools that have been assigned a quarantine instructor may utilize them under the direction of the classroom teacher to provide daily instruction and support.


Teachers providing access to daily instruction through a live virtual session will share a Google Meet join code. Teachers will not be required to provide interactive synchronous instruction or monitor the virtual session during the class period, but students may email questions and teachers will follow up to provide responses and support. Classroom sound and cameras may remain off during periods of independent practice by students OR teachers may end the live session once they have completed the lesson.
Secondary students participating in live daily instruction will follow the school’s regular schedule. Elementary teachers will provide families with specific times for students to be logged in for daily morning meetings and/or live daily instruction.


Teachers will be given the option to provide recordings of live daily instruction for students not attending in person due to quarantine or isolation. The recordings of daily instruction (or pre-recordings) will be available in Schoology on a daily basis.


Due to the developmental needs of our youngest learners, the division has contracted additional support to meet the needs of elementary students who are out due to quarantine or isolation. University Instructors LLC is working directly with school administrators to develop schedules and quarantine support plans that align with the needs of individual schools and students. Quarantine instructors work under the direction of the classroom teacher and will provide real-time instruction and support to students who are quarantined.

Whole Class Quarantines

If an entire class of students is out due to quarantine, the assigned teacher will be expected to shift to remote instruction for the class. The teacher will follow the school’s regular daily schedule. Students participating in remote learning will participate in daily instruction. Students are expected to be logged in during teacher-led instruction, but may log off during independent learning.

Student/Family Expectations during Remote Learning

  • Students will join live daily instruction via Google Meet or will review the recording of daily instruction provided  by the teacher.
  • Students will mute their microphone while logged into live sessions
  • Students will access all learning resources and activities for daily instruction in Schoology.
  • It is expected that students complete the daily assignments and activities.
  • Students who may have questions about assignments may email their teachers or attend their teacher’s/school’s virtual support sessions for clarification.

Testing Considerations

Assessments will be conducted remotely if possible. Reasonable flexibility with testing dates will be given. One exception is state testing that must be administered in school in a secure testing environment (i.e., Standards of Learning tests or Growth Assessments). Every attempt will be made to test students on these assessments when they are able to return to school – within the state approved testing window.

Technology at Home

  • Secondary students are expected to take their devices from home to school daily. 
  • Elementary schools will ensure that students out due to quarantine or isolation are provided a device. Parents are expected to come to the school to pick up the device.
  • Schools will ensure hotspots are provided to students without access to a wireless device in the home, with a maximum of one hotspot per household.

Additional Student Support

  • Virtual student support sessions will be provided to the greatest extent possible. These may be small group or individual sessions with the classroom teacher or other staff members, before, during, or after school hours, depending on staff availability.
  • Students in grades K-12 have access to which provides on demand tutors available from noon to midnight. Students can search for support by topic, subject and grade level and they will be matched with a tutor with the requested expertise. Students may also submit documents for feedback, which will be provided within 24 hours. Visit the Chesapeake Public library’s website for more information.
  • Special education case managers and/or gifted teachers will reach out to parents and students to discuss the provision of exceptional learning services. In some instances service options may include home-based services, teletherapy, or other virtual learning opportunities appropriate for a specific student. In the event that special education services cannot be provided remotely, a student’s IEP team will meet to discuss how services can be appropriately addressed.
  • Options for time recovery will be provided for Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to complete hands-on training or assignments to meet competency requirements.
  • Additional online learning tools are available for our students on our website.

Tracking and Defining Attendance 

    • If one or more students are quarantined in a classroom, they will be counted present if they are able to continue working remotely either with the teacher, or work from recorded lessons, or participate in a Meaningful Interaction (MI).
    • If students are unable to participate in remote learning during quarantine or isolation, work from recorded lessons, or participate in a MI on a given day, the student will be marked with an excused absence (AE) by the teacher and the attendance secretary.
    • Regardless of the reason provided by the parent for the student’s absence during quarantine or isolation, the teacher or attendance secretary will mark the student as AE.
    • If the entire class has to be quarantined, the teacher will continue to take daily attendance in TeacherVue. Students will be counted present if they participate remotely, work from recorded lessons, or participate in a MI.
    • For grades 6-12, school counselors who have daily contact with quarantined students will collaborate with teachers and attendance secretaries regarding their involvement with the student when there has been no other contact documented for the day.
    • Students with no contact on any given school day will be marked AE until the student is able to provide some evidence of participation.

Meaningful Interactions for Remote Learning


  • Two-way engagement between a student and staff member
  • Engagement includes real-time (synchronous) for teacher and students, as well as independent (asynchronous) time with remote engagement for teacher and students in Schoology
  • Provides for timely feedback for the student
  • Includes discussion of successes and challenges from the student perspective
  • Opens door for ongoing questions, support, and feedback
  • Creates opportunity for families to support students


  • Attendance at a synchronous teacher-led learning session
  • Daily check in via morning meeting or Google Meet, for both academics and SEL
  • Collaborating with a teacher 1:1 or in a small group during scheduled times
  • Submission of an independent learning activity, assessment, or participation in an online discussion board in Schoology
  • Two-way exchange of communication via email exchange, video conference, or phone call

School Meals during Quarantine or Isolation

  • Families may pick up meals for students who are on quarantine or isolation on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30 PM at any CPS high school.
  • Families will receive a box that includes five meals for breakfast and lunch. All meals will be provided at no cost to families.
  • Beginning September 15, 2021, families will be asked to pre-order meals the week prior to pickup. Additional details regarding pre-orders can be found on our School Nutrition Services website.

School Events and Student Activities

  • Students required to quarantine or isolate are not permitted to attend school events or participate in student extracurricular activities during their quarantine or isolation period.