Computer Science Students


  •   Offer a variety of Computer Science Courses in our Middle Schools
  •   Increase the number  of students enrolled in advanced high school       computer science courses
  •   Increase the number of businesses served with student interns
  •   Increase the number of students in grades 11-12 completing internships, and mentorships
  •   Increase the number  of students who select Computer Science as a Major
  •   Increase the number of students who enter the technology workforce 
  •   Develop a Computer Science Advisory Board


Experiential learning reinforces Virginia’s 5 Cs and CPS mission of deep learning: critical thinking, creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and citizenship. Experiential learning is an integral part of the Chesapeake Public School experience as addressed in the State of Virginia’s Profile of a Virginia Graduate.

Elementary Students
Integration of Computer Science and Computational thinking skills across the curriculum

Middle School Students
Development of New Computer Science Elective Courses starting Fall 2021. The Chesapeake curriculum will be comprised of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Computer Science competencies identified by the Virginia Department of Education. 

Middle School Computer Science Elective Courses:
Computer Science Concepts 6
Computer Science Concepts 7
Computer Science Concepts 8

High School Students
The CTE program strives to provide career pathways for students as they prepare for the workforce. The new middle school computer science courses align with four of the current CTE Career Pathways. Each step allows the participant to gain a marketable skill, prepare for the next step on the career path including employment or post-secondary opportunities. 

High School CTE Career Pathways:
Cybersecurity Pathway
Mechatronics Pathway
Computer Science Pathway
Programming and Software Development Pathway


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to apply?
es students must complete an internship application. Once the application is approved students will then interview at an Internship Location

What are the eligibility requirements?
Internship candidate must be a rising 11th or 12th grade student, submit a completed CPS Application, and provide three (3) Teacher recommendations. All students must have a current resume.

How long does the internship last?
Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours, however, the internship time frame may be longer depending on the needs of the cooperating business.

Do I need a current resume or portfolio to apply?
Yes. Resumes are required and a portfolio of student work is encouraged. 

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