Chesapeake Virtual Academy

CHESAPEAKE VIRTUAL ACADEMY [LOGO] A new learning opportunity begins 2021-2022

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, Chesapeake Virtual Academy (CVA) will offer high school students the opportunity to take a variety of fully online courses as part of their high school experience. Chesapeake Virtual Academy courses are asynchronous which means students are not required to login at a specific time or place for live instruction. While students will have the ability to work at a pace that is personalized to their needs, students are expected to adhere to a weekly schedule with assignments due at various times during the week.

Unlike Chesapeake Online students who attend CVA will not receive daily, live instruction from teachers; however, teachers will be available to meet with students weekly for scheduled online learning support sessions and enrichment. Since CVA courses are asynchronous in format, students taking courses in CVA must be self-motivated, able to manage time wisely, regularly meet deadlines, and ask for assistance as needed. In addition, students should possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using the Internet for independent learning activities, email, and the Schoology learning management system.

All high school students in grades 9-12 are eligible to take courses through Chesapeake Virtual Academy. Students may select CVA courses as a part-time or full-time virtual student as outlined below:

Part-Time (Hybrid) CVA Student Full-Time CVA Student
  • Takes a mixture of online CVA courses and traditional on campus courses at their home school, CCC, or Governor’s School
  • Takes all of their courses online through CVA and/or Virtual Virginia
  • Makes a full-year commitment to the program

  • Access to a computer (personal or school Chromebook) and internet connection (personal, public, or CPS hotspot).
    • Please note: a mobile device (phone or tablet) is not sufficient.
  • CPS will provide tech support for CPS issued hardware only.
  • Students should possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using the Internet for independent learning activities, email, G-Suite applications, and the Schoology learning management system.
Students interested in enrolling in CVA courses should meet with their school counselor during the 2021-2022 scheduling window (January-February 2021) and submit their course requests. Space is limited and course availability is determined by enrollment so the earlier students submit their course requests the greater chance they have to secure a seat.

Students who wish to enroll in a CVA course after the 2021-2022 scheduling window may do so if seats are available. Contact your school counselor for more information.

Full-time Chesapeake Virtual Academy students taking all of their courses online make a one year commitment to the program when they enroll. Full-time CVA students have until June 7, 2021 to change their mind and withdraw from the program. After June 7, 2021 full-time students may be transferred back to in-person learning at their homeschool due to an immediate or demonstrated need based on the student’s academic performance.

How much time will I spend working on an online class?
Students should expect to spend the same amount of time completing work for an online class as they would a traditional class. For most students this means about 90 minutes a day for each course. Some students may work faster while others may need more time.

Can I take an online course as an extra class?
High school students can take a maximum of eight classes in a regular school year. This includes CVA courses which must be taken as part of a student’s normal course load.

Can I complete CVA courses from home?
Students can work from home or school. Part-time CVA students who wish to work from home may need to provide their own transportation to or from school.

How is Chesapeake Virtual Academy different from Virtual Virginia?
All CVA teachers are Chesapeake Public Schools employees and follow the same district curriculum as students in on campus courses. In addition, all students enrolled in CVA are Chesapeake Public Schools students.

What supports are in place to assist students?
All CVA teachers will host Online Learning Support Labs weekly to meet with students who may need additional assistance. Teachers will not deliver formal lessons in these sessions, but will be available to assist students who need it through small group and individual instruction. Students may attend on campus tutoring sessions at their home school’s academic remediation program as well.

Can middle school students take online courses through Chesapeake Virtual Academy?
Most CVA courses are offered on a 4×4 block format which is not compatible with the year long middle school schedule. Middle school students may enroll in certain online courses through Virtual Virginia if they meet all Chesapeake Public Schools course prerequisites and eligibility guidelines. Middle school students should contact their school counselor if they are interested in online courses with Virtual Virginia.