Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6, 2022

We are fortunate to have so many exceptional teachers in our schools. Our teachers invest tremendous amounts of time and creative energy into making the experience in their classrooms magical for each and every student. The exceptional teacher, going above and beyond, performs this trick while keeping their students excited about learning. They understand that lesson adjustments may be needed in order to help each student realize their full potential. The outstanding teacher doesn’t need a wand or a spell to make a personal connection with each student in their classroom, they know the value of relationships and the positive impact they can have on their students so they make it a priority to let students know how much they care. 

“Computers aren’t magic; teachers are.” – Craig R. Barrett

May 2-6, 2022, is teacher appreciation week. We are convinced that our teachers are pure magic and think they deserve to be celebrated. At the district level, we created a platform to solicit messages of appreciation. We invited students, their families, community members, and colleagues to celebrate their favorite teachers, both past and present. We encouraged them to share how they helped shape your future or remind them of a magical moment that mattered to you. Over 1575 messages of appreciation were submitted to our online appreciation form and were delivered directly to teacher’s professional email inbox. The appreciation form accepted messages through Friday, May 6, 2022.

“We teachers are rather good at magic, you know.” – J.K. Rowling

If you are interested in doing more to recognize your teacher, we encourage you to check with your school or PTA to see if they have other special celebrations planned. At the very least, we hope you will take the time to send a note showing your support. It is a small gesture that can have a magical effect.

“I used to think great teachers inspire you. Now I think I had it wrong. Good teachers inspire you; great teachers show you how to inspire yourself every day of your life. They don’t show you their magic. They show you how to make magic of your own.” – Alfred Doblin