Student Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures

If your student will not ride a school bus to school, please adhere to this student drop off/pick up plan:

overhead photo of Southwestern Elementary School

Southwestern Elementary

Bus Arrival:

  1. Students will exit the bus, be greeted by their teachers, and escorted to class.

Parent Drop-Off Procedures (AM)

  1. Drop off begins at 7:15 am each day. Please do not line up prior to 7:10, as staff is still arriving to work up until this time and there is no one to supervise before 7:15 am.
  2. In order for this process to move quickly and efficiently, we ask parents/guardians to ensure that students are prepared ahead of time with bookbags, supplies packed and ready to go, and all coats, shoes, masks, etc. are also on so that students are ready to kiss and ride!
  3. Enter the parking lot in front of the school from Ashton Street.
  4. Parents/guardians who drop off their child(ren) each day will be directed by staff to one of the two designated parent pick-up lanes located along the front of the school building.
  5. All students (parent drop-offs and walkers) enter the building via the side doors along River Drive only.
  6. Parent/guardians and children are to remain in their vehicles until a greeter can assist (open the car doors on the left side to let children out of vehicles) at the front of the building. Designated school staff will be present to help students out of their cars and direct them safely to the sidewalk, where additional staff will escort students into the building.
  7. For the safety of all students and families, we ask that walkers meet a staff member at the crosswalk (on River Drive, in front of the buses) to be escorted inside the building. Please note: it is not safe nor allowed for parents or students to walk on, along, or between the Bus Ramp. Thank you for your cooperation.
  8. Cars will be permitted to leave the drop-off area only after staff has deemed it safe.
  9. Kiss and Ride (parent drop-off) ends at 7:35 a.m. each morning. Parents who arrive after this time will need to park and escort their student to the front door (near the flagpole) to sign them in. Please note students are considered to be tardy after 7:35 a.m.

Parent Pick-Up Procedures (PM)

This procedure is for parents/guardians/caregivers that provide transportation after school each day.

  1. Dismissal begins at 2:04 pm each day. Please do not line up before 1:40 pm, so that the parking lot does not become blocked well before dismissal.
  2. Enter the parking lot in front of the school from Ashton Street.
  3. Adults who pick-up their child(ren) each day will remain in their vehicles and park in the designated parent pick up lanes located along the front of the school building.
  4. The school issued parent pick-up sign must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard with the assigned number for their student(s) clearly visible. Please Note: If the individual (including parents) do not have a car tag, a photo ID will be required in order to pick up a student.
  5. Upon checking in with the monitoring staff member, adults are directed to remain in their vehicle until students are dismissed and walked to their vehicle by a staff escort.
  6. Parents of students who walk to and from school are asked to complete the Kiss & Ride Parent Pick Up Google registration form (see below). Parents will be issued a student pickup number.
  7. At dismissal, parents of walkers will line up at the flag pole (look for the sign). Be certain you have your assigned number.

Kiss & Ride Parent Pick Up Registration Form

If your student(s) will be a parent pick up at least 3 days every week, please click on the link below and complete the Kiss and Ride Transportation form to register your student(s) for their car tag number.Please note: If you have not been issued car tags yet, or forget to place your assigned car tag on the front dashboard, a photo id will be REQUIRED to pick up your student.

Early Pick-Up Requests

  • Requests to pick up a student early must be in writing and received no later than 1:00 pm.
  • Students being picked up early for doctor’s appointments, etc. MUST be picked up no later than 1:30 PM, due to our parking lot being blocked by daily parent pick up cars.
  • For the safety and well being of our students and families, Administration requests that parents do not park along Airline Blvd and attempt to pick up or drop off their student. That area is not a SWE designated parking area and SWE will not be held responsible for any damage or injury that occurs.

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