Student Support Services


Dr. Jacqueline Miller
Chief of Schools

Division of Student Support Services

School Leadership

Dr. Freddie Alarcon, Director of Middle School Leadership

Dr. Angela Isbell, Director of Elementary School Leadership Title I

Mrs. Jacqueline Tate, Director of Elementary School Leadership

Dr. Thomas Whitley, Director of High School Leadership


Dr. David M. Benson, Director of Student Transportation

Mr. Herbert Byrd, Assistant Director of Student Transportation

Linda Barnes, Coordinator

Sherry Booker, Coordinator

Sarah Lawrence, Coordinator

Richard Morgan, Coordinator

Scott Waters, Coordinator

Assignment Pending, Coordinator

Michelle Smith, Coordinator

Jennifer Jamison, Assistant Coordinator

Jose Cruz, Director’s Secretary

Renee Fullagar, GIS Analyst

William Morse, GIS Specialist

Shawn Paterson, GIS Specialist

Sarah Stanley, GIS Specialist

Danielle Hope, Secretary

Jeanette Jones, Support Clerk

Malisa Williams, Secretary

Judy Sizemore, Secretary

Judith Bailey, Dispatcher

Sandra Davidson, Dispatcher

Melody Golden, Assistant Dispatcher

Angela Hardy, Assistant Dispatcher

William Godwin, Shop Supervisor

William Rivera, Assistant Shop Supervisor

Harvey Dunning, Mechanic Supervisor

Francis Myers, Mechanic Supervisor 


Mr. Wayne Martin, Director of Student Support Services


The Office of Student Activities & Facility Use

Mr. Kevin Cole, Supervisor of Student Activities and Facility Use

Mr. Michael Tribus, Coordinator of Student Activities and Facility Use

Mrs. Tina Castleton, Account Clerk 2 of Student Activities and Facilities Use

The Office of Student Conduct and Support

Dr. Brooke Rudis, Supervisor of Student Conduct & Support

Ms. Jacqueline Kelly, Coordinator of Student Conduct & Support

Mrs. Dayna Hansen, Coordinator of Student Conduct & Support

Mr. Aundray Darden, Student Conduct & Support Specialist

Ms. Brianna Lyons, Student Engagement & Resource Counselor

Mrs. Alison Trevathan, Secretary


The Office of Student Enrollment and Attendance

Dr. Cassandra C. Brooks, Supervisor of Student Enrollment & Attendance

Ms. Yvette Lagares, Student Enrollment Analyst

Mrs. Kimberly Forbes, Enrollment Technician

Mrs. Carla Gonzalez, Enrollment Specialist

Mrs. Antoinette Barnes, Enrollment Specialist

Mrs. Kimberly Schorr, Secretary

Mr. Bernard Jones, Assistant Coordinator of Student Attendance

Mr. Leonard Galloway, Assistant Coordinator of Student Attendance

Mr. La’Ron Gaines, Assistant Coordinator of Student Attendance

The Office of Health Services

Mrs. Trudy L. Jelderks, Program Administrator

Ms. Karen Goff, Clinical Specialist

Mrs. Patricia Holmes, Lead Secretary for Health Services

Ms. Kimberly Hughes, Homebound Secretary for Health Services


The Office of School Safety

Mr. Ryan Gregory, Security/Communications Technician

Ms. Ronnie High, Secretary of Safety and Security