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Title 1 Federal Programs Overview

Sparrow Road Intermediate School’s

Title I Family Engagement Plan 2022-2023

PTA Events for the 2022-2023 School Year

October 10th: Skate Night and PTA drive (Rescheduled to Mon. Oct. 10th)
October 24th-28th: Book Fair
December 13th: PTA STEAM NIGHT @ SRI
January 10th: Virtual PTA Night-New Year, New You
March 22nd:PTA Book Fair Night & Academics Night @SRI
March 17th-24th: Book Fair @SRI
April 4th: PTA Family Fun and Fitness Night @SRI
May 1st-5th: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9th: Passport to 4th Grade Night @SRI

Sparrow Road Intermediate’s Parental Involvement Plan is based on the six types of involvement needed to have successful partnerships. The six types of involvement are listed below and a description of how Sparrow Road Intermediate is incorporating each is described.

1. Parenting- is how we are assisting families with parenting skills and setting home conditions to support children as students, as well as assisting schools to better understand families. 

During Open House, administration addressed parents and explained the importance of their involvement nightly with homework, checking Schoology and  ParentVue on a regular basis. Sparrow Road Intermediate (SRI) has PTA nights planned that assist parents with helping their children be more successful. Themed nights include STEAM Night, Virtual New Year, New You event, Math and Science Night, and Family Fun and Fitness Night.  ESTAT is utilized to communicate strategies and interventions to parents of struggling learners providing them with the necessary tools to help students achieve success.  Additionally, we host 4th Grade Parent Information night in which rising 3rd graders and parents are informed about expectations to be successful in 4th grade. Students are also provided with reading and math activities to work on over the summer. Additionally, SRI promotes Family Empowerment webinars hosted by the Office of Family and Community Engagement.  Topics consist of Project D Stress and Attendance Matters, Exceptional Learning which includes Gifted and Special Education.

2. Communicating-is the ability to conduct effective communications from school-to-home and from home-to-school about school programs and student progress. 

Sparrow Road Intermediate uses the school website which is updated frequently to communicate information about the school.  ParentVue accounts are available for all parents and provide updated grades and information on assignments/tests grades for students as well as another way to send announcements to parents.  SRI also maintains a Twitter account to send out school related information, accomplishments and events.  SRI also utilizes the Parent Alert System (PAS) to send emergency messages only, as well as Sunday PAS to give out additional information for any upcoming events.  Each student is provided with an agenda, free of charge, with the entire school calendar included inside it.  Parents also receive a communication notepad that can be used to relay information to the school about their child. The “beBRAVE Connection ” newsletter is uploaded monthly to the SRI website and emailed to parents in order to update parents on important school related information.   A monthly calendar is also shared with parents to keep them informed of upcoming events and dates.   Teachers schedule individual parent conferences to assist with effective communication between school and home.  The marquee is updated at least every two weeks to reflect current events.  We have the “Just Do IT Together” parent involvement bulletin board  located in the front lobby with all necessary information and activities to keep parents fully informed.  Attendance will be documented at all events for every adult in attendance 18 years or older.

3. Volunteering-organize volunteers and audiences to support the school and students. Provide volunteer opportunities in various locations and at various times.  

Sparrow Road Intermediate works closely with the PTA to create evenings full of active learning experiences for both students and families.  To maintain a positive connection with parents,  SRI and the PTA provide appreciation treats for parents during the carpool line. Opportunities are presented for parents to volunteer throughout the year (i.e. Book Fair).  

This year we had volunteers from the US Navy assist teachers and staff during Pre-School week to get the building ready for students.  We are hoping to develop a more permanent relationship with the local military.   Additionally, SRI works closely with Lisa Kerry and Laura Lerf who are Family and Community Engagement Specialists to develop partnerships with the community. This year our school will be participating in Kidz Kruz which is put on by the James C. Archbell III Foundation. Students will be given gift cards to shop at Walmart and then attend the Lights Show at the Oceanfront.  

4. Learning at Home-involve families with their children on homework and other curriculum-related activities and decisions.  

Parents are provided with ParentVue and Schoology accounts which allow teachers to post academic websites and learning tools for students to use in the home environment. Our school website also provides students and families with educational links to support learning at home. Families are provided with flyers and information on available Adult Education classes, GED, and ESL classes; as well as information pertaining to the Office of Family and Community Engagement (formerly, the Parent Resource Center) and  Special Education Advisory Committee.  Rising fourth graders and their families will be invited to our Passport to 4th Grade Night in the spring.  Additionally, the ESTAT team provides parents with resources to use at home as an additional intervention.

5. Decision Making-include families as participants in school decisions, and develop parent leaders and representatives.  

Parents are invited to all PTA meetings and encouraged to participate and offer suggestions for improvement.  Our current PTA President is our school librarian and is one of the members of our School Success Plan.  The PTA meets monthly and is composed of teachers, staff and administrators.   During this time, the PTA Board discusses ways to better support teachers and students at the school level and ways to increase parent and community involvement as well.  Parent surveys are used during the school year to solicit parent input and to obtain additional information on how to improve our overall school community.  This year parental involvement is improving.  We had parents volunteer during the Book Fair during the day.   Administration and our PTA  will meet with any family or community member with ideas on how to better serve the school community and work with individuals to implement their ideas. Through parent advocacy we are able to address issues and create new changes and opportunities to support the education of our students here at SRI.

6. Collaborating with the Communitycoordinate resources and services from the community for families, students, and school, and provide services to the community.  

SRI continues to develop relationships with many different organizations in the community who strive to help our school be a better place. Throughout the year, the PTA has scheduled DINE OUT Nights with local restaurants who will donate a percentage of sales to our PTA.   The guidance department helped facilitate Thanksgiving dinner assistance for families in need of extra support in order to create happy memories of the holiday seasons. Administration works closely with the school counselors, school psychologist, and/or the school social worker to provide families with resources on ways to help children. The Angel Tree is a program we do every year where select students are sponsored for gifts for the holiday season.  We have received donations from the GB/Hickory YMCA, they have provided a sponsorship. The YMCA sponsored 8 students and our staff sponsored 16 students during the 2022 holiday. The GB/Hickory YMCA plans to do a supply drive in January and also help during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Real Life Church donated clothes and the Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater (FACT) donated clothes, backpacks, and school supplies.

Through these different avenues of involvement, SRI works hard to build and sustain lasting relationships with the families and community.  It is our belief that with effective parent involvement we can truly strengthen our academic program and ensure academic success for every student at Sparrow Road Intermediate.


Sharon Popson, Principal

Khadijah Alexander, Assistant Principal

Amanda Hunley, Reading Specialist

Ashley Gurkin, Title I Teacher

Jessica Gatie, TIS & PTA Treasurer

Erin Blair, School Counselor

Danielle Brittingham, 5th grade Chairperson 

Jaime Whitaker, 4th grade Chairperson

Shiann Coleman, ExL Chairperson

Cassie Lee, School Librarian and  PTA President

Jessica Brenenstuhl, PTA Vice President

TyAna Tynes Milteer, PTA Representative 4th Grade

Lisa Kerry, PTA Chairperson, Parent


Revised 1/11/2023