Character Counts @ SRI:

Jr. Brave of the Month Character Traits


  • Responsible-someone who is reliable and accountable. An individual who displays dependability.


  • Respect-someone who treats peers and staff with consideration.  An individual who upholds the rules and values of self and others.


  • Gratitude-someone who appreciates the things that we sometimes take for granted, like food, clothes, clean water, friends, family, and even computer access. An individual who focuses on the good in their lives and is thankful for what they have.


  • Compassion-someone who is understanding and caring about another person’s thoughts and feelings. An individual who is sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. It’s like putting yourself in their place. 


  • Honesty-someone who believes in fairness.  An individual who demonstrates truthfulness on a regular basis.


  • Kindness-someone who shows concern for the feelings of others and is helpful and generous.  An individual who does good deeds without thought of reward.


  • Self-Control-someone who displays restraint of their actions and or feelings.  An individual who thinks and processes through a situation before responding.


  • Cooperation-someone who works well with others.  An individual who displays teamwork skills and the ability to compromise.


  • Perseverance (GRIT)-someone who does not give up even when it is difficult.  An individual who is able to wait and work through difficulties towards a goal, whether they have to do with their mind, body, or emotions. 

Revised 1/17/2021