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2021-2022 Staff Roster


4th Grade Teachers: 

Email Britnee Adams

Email Martha Benson

Email Lisa Brennan-Webb

Email Olivia Hankle

Email Sarah Hickman

Email Amanda Peixoto

Email Jessica Shaw

Email Jennifer Simeone

Email Jennifer Yoast

5th Grade Teachers:

Email Stacy Boerboom

Email Victoria Brannen

Email Ahsha Clark-Thomas

Email Tracy Leigh

Email Kally Moulder

Email Sa’sha Oliver

Email Christina Ooton

Email Ronald Riffle III

Email Megan VanOekel

Exceptional Learning Staff:

Email Shiann Coleman, 4th Grade

Email Lindsay Cross, 4th Grade

Email Tralyn DeBres, 5th Grade

Email Hayley Delaney, 5th Grade

Email Joanne Ellis, 4th Grade

Email Jeffrey Gleim, 5th Grade

Email Caitlin Seguin, Speech

Email Danielle Smith, 5th Grade

Email Jaime Whitaker, 4th Grade

Resource Teachers:

Email Erin Blair, Guidance Counselor 

Email Lauren Briggs, P.E. Teacher

Email Tim Dixon, Music Teacher (Tue.)

Email Frederica Dunning, Music Teacher (Thu.)

Email Jessica Gatie, TIS

Email Theresa Geisler, ESL

Email Molly Gettle, GATE Specialist

Email Ashley Gurkin, Title 1 Coach

Nianni Haley, School Social Worker

Email Amanda Hunley, Reading Specialist

Email Cassie Lee, Librarian

Email Meredith Moore, School Psychologist

Email Shakira Doby-Romar , School Counselor (Wed.-Fri.)

Email Tiberius Monger, Art Teacher

Email Nick Robinson, Strings Teacher (Tue./Thu.)

Email Robin White, Title 1 Teacher

Email Ledford Wilson, Music Teacher (Tue.)

Email Jenny Zito, OT/PT

Security Officer

Mr. Onaje Williams

Teacher Assistants

Victoria Anderson, 4th Grade

Stephaine Boyles, 4th Grade

Jessica Brenenstuhl, 5th Grade 

Scott Lane, General Assistant

Sa’Sha Oliver, General Assistant

Chance O’Negative-Davenport, 5th Grade

LaBarbara Owens, 5th Grade

Jessie Pitts, ISS Coordinator

Brandon Randolph, Title 1

Rosa Shaw, Media Assistant

Kim Watson, 4th Grade 



Barbara Campbell, Team Leader

Debbie Hunt, Brittany Lester, Elizabeth Pearce, Wanda Sorey, Raymond Valerie & Priscilla Williams


Jean White, Head Custodian

Tyna Joyner & Larry Vaughan 


Revised 9/05/2021