School Plants Building Chesapeake, Virginia

The carpentry shop does our main work for alteration and repair of building components and structures within our schools and support buildings.  This team installs windows, flooring, tile and a variety of wood work. Carpentry does light construction of interior walls, replaces doors, and works on sashes, blinds, and some carpeting.  We also create steps, wood walkways and wooden ramps.  We do light to medium work on various types of roofs as well.  We have our own cabinet maker that has the ability to make custom cabinets, desks, hutches, and counters for our schools and support buildings.
Our Direct Digital Control technicians have expertise in a multitude of HVAC systems to include Trane and Siemens to mention a few.  The main responsibility of this three member team is to resolve link problems with HVAC and heating equipment at schools.  They review, program, coordinate, and monitor the HVAC and heating systems electronically and can control, manipulate, and reset systems through their computers.  Our DDC technicians also program HVAC systems for evening programs.
ELECTRICAL David Lewallen
The electrical team installs, maintains, and extends electrical wiring.  They install, repair and maintain electrical outlets, lighting structures, fixtures, and switches as needed.  This also includes replacing ballasts, bulbs, and sockets in overhead lights.  It is not uncommon for this team to wire power to portable classrooms, install disconnects and meter panels, run conduit, and drive ground rods.  The majority of our electricians possess either a journeyman’s or master’s card to display our commitment to hiring the most highly qualified staff.
This is a team of highly qualified electricians.  The primary function of the team is to work with our private vendors that have installed fire alarm systems in our schools, as well as to work with specialized vendors to complete fire alarm inspections, suppression and sprinkler inspections, hood inspections, fire hydrant and fire extinguisher inspections and any other pertinent items that pertain to fire systems.  This team also manages our portable inventory and theatrical lighting on our stages in our schools.
This team consists of various teams that do work during the evenings at our schools.  There are many instances where certain types of work cannot be done when the school and support building is occupied.  Our evening team consists of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters, pest control and an HVAC preventative maintenance crew.  This team completes many functions to support schools, energy management, aesthetics, and pest management.
GROUNDS  James Bell
The grounds team is responsible for the upkeep and lawn care of our schools and support buildings.  This team is responsible for mowing grass, trimming trees, and maintaining any other needs on the school grounds and support buildings.  This team also performs tasks such as weed eating and blowing clear excess debris from grass cutting; they edge, and also apply herbicide in outside areas to prevent excess growth of grass and weeds around structures.  The grounds team also takes care of parking signs, fire lane signs, and any other exterior type of sign required in the parking lots of schools and support buildings.
HVAC Bubba Lewis
Our HVAC team maintains refrigerant and air handling equipment at all of our schools and support buildings.  This team does meter readings, connects control boards, wires connectors, relays, transformers or thermostats, pulls wire, and installs mounts.  They also organize and do various preventative types of maintenance to include filter changes in heat pumps and window AC units, along with replacing water seals, bearings, and gaskets.  HVAC replaces compressors, repairs Freon leaks, start components, fan motors, pneumatic valves, and dampers.  HVAC performs any and all other related tasks to make thermal comfort a priority in our schools and support buildings.
PLUMBING John Fudala
Our plumbing team installs, maintains, and repairs water, plumbing, and heating systems in our schools and support buildings.  They install and repair hot and cold water, oil, steam, and gas pipes and equipment.  They operate and maintain the sewage treatment plant, as well as monitor and maintain chlorination and de-chlorination chambers.  They wipe and test pipe joints, tap and sewer mains and lateral, as well as wipe and flush joints.  They repair, replace and maintain restrooms to include fixtures, flush valves, faucets, valves, commodes, urinals, and sinks.
LOCKS Buster Jenkins