Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

Prepayment for meals may be made directly to the student’s meal account at the school by cash or check or through MyPaymentsPlus.com.  The use of MyPaymentsPlus.com allows parents to pay and replenish a student’s meal account using a credit or debit card via a secure Internet site.

Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) and the School Nutrition Program (SNP) strive to ensure all students have an opportunity to eat school breakfast and lunch. Students at all grade levels will be permitted to charge a complete breakfast and/or lunch if the student arrives at school without a packed meal, money to pay for a meal, or their meal account has insufficient funds to pay for the entire meal. The provided meal will be charged to the student’s account at the appropriate meal price. Students will not be permitted to charge incomplete meals or a la carte items. Attempts will be made to contact families (parent or guardian) who have students with negative balances on their school meal accounts. Communication may be done through email or a letter to the parent or guardian in an attempt to collect the negative balance. Parents can monitor their student’s meal account activity, receive low balance alerts, and check the remaining account balance by registering, at no cost, with MyPaymentsPlus.com.

Chesapeake Public Schools School Board will not take the following actions for students who owe a school meal debt:

· Require a student to do chores or other work to pay for such meals.

· Require a student to wear a wristband or hand stamp.

· File a lawsuit against a student or the student’s parent because owes a school meal debt. 

“Delinquent” debt (deemed collectible) will remain on the student’s meal account as long as they are enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools.

Bad debt may not be absorbed by the non-profit food service account and must be restored using non-Federal funds.  These funds may come from the school district’s general fund, special funding from State or local governments, or any other non-Federal sources.