Healthy Celebrations

As part of the revised Student Wellness Policy, foods and beverages available to children during the school day must meet certain nutrition standards. This applies to foods and beverages that children may consume for birthday celebrations and school parties. To keep children safe, healthy, and included in birthday celebrations, we encourage non-food celebrations. Here are some great, healthy, non-food celebration ideas (be sure to check with your child’s teacher first!):

  • A game or other indoor activity for indoor recess given in your child’s honor
  • Extra recess time in your child’s honor
  • Birthday dance party in class
  • Playground equipment given in your child’s honor
  • A book donated to the library in your child’s honor (you may want to arrange with your child’s teacher to come in and read a story or portion of a chapter book)
  • Treat bags containing non-food items such as small toys or school supplies
  • Birthday shout-outs on the morning announcements
  • Arrange a scavenger hunt for the classroom
  • Send supplies for a craft

Additional ideas for healthier celebrations and non-food celebrations can be found in the following documents:

If you would still like your child to have a treat for their birthday,  we encourage you to order them through the school cafeteria. These birthday treats are Smart Snack and wellness policy compliant and potential allergens can easily be identified. Download the Birthday Treat Order Form here. Completed order forms should be returned to your child’s school with payment at least 2 weeks in advance of the requested date to ensure the requested product is available.