Food Allergy Forms

If your child has a food allergy or other medical condition that requires a special diet, please have the Dietary Modifications Form filled out by a licensed healthcare professional (Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner). Return a copy to the nurse at your child’s school and a copy to the Nutrition & Wellness Educator in School Nutrition Services. If your child has a LIFE-THREATENING food allergy, you will need additional paperwork on file at your child’s school, please contact the nurse at your child’s school.

If your child is lactose intolerant or milk sensitive and cannot drink skim or 1% cow’s milk, we can offer lactose-free milk or soy milk as an alternative. Per USDA regulations, we cannot offer juice or water to replace milk. If you would like your student to receive lactose-free or soy milk, please fill out the Milk Substitutes Form and return it to the cafeteria at your child’s school. This form only requires a parent’s signature and does not need to be signed by a physician.