Community Eligibility Provision

What is the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)?

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) allows eligible schools to provide breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students at no cost. Meal benefit applications do not need to be submitted at CEP schools, allowing more students to access nutritious meals and reducing paperwork for parents and staff. 

We are excited to announce that Chesapeake Public Schools now has 20 schools that fall under CEP. This provision allows all students enrolled at those schools to receive breakfast and lunch meals at no cost without having to submit a meal application. Current CEP schools are listed below. 

  • BM Williams Primary
  • Camelot Elementary
  • Carver Intermediate
  • Chesapeake Center for Student Success (CCSS)
  • Crestwood Intermediate
  • Crestwood Middle
  • Georgetown Primary
  • Great Bridge SECEP
  • Indian River High
  • Indian River Middle
  • Norfolk Highlands Primary
  • Oscar Smith High
  • Oscar Smith Middle
  • Portlock Primary
  • Rena B Wright Primary
  • Southwestern Elementary
  • Sparrow Road Intermediate
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Treakle Elementary
  • Truitt Intermediate

If there are other students in your household that do not attend these schools, you will still need to submit a meal benefit application for them to receive free or reduced-price meal benefits unless you have been notified by our department that you do not need to submit an application.