School Improvement Planning


When? What? Who?
July – September 2018 Phase One: Listening and Learning

  • One-to-one meetings with School Board and elected officials
  • Administrator Hour events
  • Meet and Greet events
  • Meetings with key stakeholder groups
Superintendent, School Board, elected officials, administrators, staff, community, key stakeholder groups ( e.g., Chesapeake Education Association, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce)
October – December 2018 Phase Two: Planning and Reporting

  • Review information gathered during phase one
  • Make presentations at School Board meetings
  • Develop monthly newsletters
  • Hold planning sessions with administrative staff
  • Identify student achievement indicators to measure success
Superintendent, School Board, administrative staff
January – June 2019 Phase Three: Charting a Course
January 2019
  • Identify steering committee members
  • Develop beliefs, vision, mission, and (four or five) goals
Principals, central office administrators, (possibly) School Board members and community members
February 2019
  • Create action planning groups – one per goal
  • Train action planning group co-chairmen
Superintendent, administrative staff
March – May 2019
  • Develop strategies and key actions
Action planning groups
June 2019
  • Finalize plan
  • Assign responsibilities
Administrative staff
July 2019 Phase Four: Implementation