Of the two options available to our families for the 2020-21 academic year, the On-Campus Continuum (Option 1) is the one that offers the possibility of students reporting to their school and receiving on-campus instruction. The continuum includes three possible scenarios to accommodate the ever-changing public health situation.
Any shift along the continuum will be reviewed regularly in partnership with our School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and will be reported to the public at our School Board meetings (every two weeks).
This model represents a continuum because, as we witnessed in spring 2020, school districts must be prepared to shift their mode of instruction at a moment’s notice.

Current status by Grade Level

The goal of the On-Campus Continuum is to safely serve the maximum number of students on campus in any given phase.

Grade Level(s) Continuum Status Pending Shifts
ELEMENTARY: Pre-K, Kindergarten – Fifth Grade Traditional
MIDDLE: Sixth – Eighth Grade Blended
HIGH: Ninth-Twelfth Grade Blended

Shifts to the Continuum

As we continue to monitor current public health data, additional shifts to the continuum may be necessary. When determining who will engage in traditional on-campus learning, we will prioritize special populations (grades K-12). These groups include students receiving special education services, as identified by IEP team decision; our English Learners who receive level 1 or level 2 EL support; and our students who receive intensive tiered interventions.

Below is a brief overview of each instructional model. Additional information can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions or in the Responsive Return-to-Schools Framework.

With the traditional model, we will welcome all students back to campus, resuming normal school hours, but it will look different as we implement additional safety measures. It is important to mention that these measures may change as the situation evolves, and we will plan to implement these measures as long as is necessary to help protect our students and staff.


  • As CDC guidance suggests, masks (or cloth face coverings) will be required for all employees and students when physical distancing of at least six feet cannot be maintained.
  • Classrooms will be arranged and hallway traffic patterns will be adjusted to allow physical distancing to the greatest extent possible.
  • We will limit the interaction of student groups as much as possible, by having teachers travel from classroom to classroom when practical, limiting the number of classes on the playground at any given time, and discouraging the use of shared student supplies.
  • Our custodial staff will continue to deep clean all frequently touched surfaces and all staff will assist in sanitizing shared materials, such as guided reading books or tools needed for career and technical education.
  • Additional time will be built in to our schedule for hand-washing, and we will teach and reinforce good hygiene practices daily, as needed.
  • Our cafeteria staff will continue to serve breakfast and lunch in our schools, but students will eat in classrooms until conditions support large group gatherings in communal spaces.
  • Transportation will be provided to and from school, but face coverings will be required for the use of this service. Due to health guidelines, a limited number of students will be permitted to ride the bus at the same time, so we are encouraging families to provide their own transportation or have students walk or bike, if they are able to do so safely.

The blended model may be necessary if conditions require the implementation of additional group restrictions. For example, if our buses are not able to transport all students requiring transportation services to school under the physical distancing restrictions recommended by our health department, then we must limit the number of students we bring at one time.


  • With this model, grade levels are divided into two groups, group A and group B, with each group attending school for on-campus learning two days per week and working independently at home, either with online activities or paper/pencil activities, for three days.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Instructional Staff Virtual Support Day Face-to-Face Instruction
Student Group A At-home Learning On-Campus Learning At-home Learning On-Campus Learning At-home Learning
Student Group B At-home Learning At-home Learning On-Campus Learning At-home Learning On-Campus Learning
  • Instructional staff will be working with students face-to-face four days per week and the fifth day will be used for online learning support. Teachers will use this day to support students with their independent learning activities by providing online office hours and conducting small group online interventions through online meetings to support students with special needs or those that may require extra assistance.  This time will also be used to support our instructional staff by allowing them time for collaborative planning and professional development to support high quality, online instruction.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that siblings or students living in the same household are grouped together, and some students considered “high need” may attend additional days.


This model may be necessary as a short-term solution in the event of a closure or a localized outbreak.



  • Students would participate in online instruction (delivered on the Schoology Learning Management System) until conditions allow for a safe return.
  • This would include scheduled, teacher-led learning where attendance is expected, and at-home learning, which may be in the form of pre-recorded instruction modules or paper-pencil activities.
  • All instruction would be provided by the teacher of record in this case; and support would be provided through online office hours, emails, phone calls, and online intervention sessions on an as-needed basis.
  • Meals will be provided at distribution sites while students are learning at home.
  • Please review the Chesapeake Online page for more information on how temporary online learning will be managed.