Chesapeake Online is a fully online K-12 school option for the 2020-21 school year, where students participate in online instruction from home. This option is designed to let students learn safely from home while still allowing them to maintain their connection to their zoned school. This means that families can receive all routine communications from their child’s home school and participate as members of the PTA.

Students who enrolled in Chesapeake Online for the 2020-2021 academic year are committed to online learning for the first half of the school year (through February 2, 2021). Chesapeake Online students will have the opportunity to reassess their status in December 2020 and switch to On-Campus instruction for the second semester or stay enrolled in Chesapeake Online.

Who will teach Chesapeake Online courses?

For the 2020-2021 school year, students enrolled in Chesapeake Online will still be connected to their home school and, in most cases, will be assigned to an online classroom taught by a Chesapeake Public Schools teacher from their home/district school. In some cases, a student may be assigned to a classroom taught by a licensed teacher who may not be a member of your child’s home school staff.  This means your student’s classmates may be students across the district whose families felt online learning was the best option for their circumstances.  In any case, families can expect the online teacher to be available online for support and parent conferences as needed and will also be available to contact virtually through office hours, emails, phone calls, and online intervention sessions as needed.

What does Online Learning look like in Chesapeake Online?

Chesapeake Online is not self-paced and will include scheduled, teacher-led learning where attendance will be recorded, and at-home learning, which may be in the form of pre-recorded instruction modules or other online independent activities. Schedules will vary, but a sample schedule for elementary, middle and high school students is available for review. While all core courses will be available for students in grades K-8 through this model, as well as all courses required for graduation at the high school level, some elective courses may not be available due to the nature of the course content.  For example, some of our Career and Technical Education courses require hands-on instruction and assessment.

Online Daily Learning Schedules

Each home school has developed an online learning schedule to facilitate teacher-led learning sessions and teacher common planning sessions. Times are approximate ranges and schedules may vary by course and grade level.  Additional instructional time will be provided as needed for students receiving specialized supports, such as those in special education, English learners, gifted education, and students requiring targeted intervention. Students may also complete independent work that may be pre-recorded learning modules or other online activities.  All work will be graded according to the district’s grading scale.

Elementary Expectations

At the elementary level, students will be expected to attend approximately one to two hours per day for students in kindergarten through second grade, and one and a half to two and a half hours per day for students in third through fifth grade.

Middle & High School Expectations

Students in middle and high school will be expected to participate in 30-45 minute sessions each day for each course in which they are enrolled.

Will my student have to report to any school buildings when enrolled in Chesapeake Online?

While this option is intended to be an off-campus solution, on rare occasions certain standardized assessments may only be available on campus. This does not apply to routine course level assessments created by the instructor.

We will also continue to provide meal service for students at several meal distribution sites across the district.

Chesapeake Online Quick Links & References

Schoology logo - blue & black circle with a capital S Schoology is the official Learning Management System. It is a password protected web-based, interactive site. All Chesapeake Public Schools students will receive instruction on this platform. Student access to Schoology is managed by OneLogin and is linked to their school-issued GSuite account.
OneLogin logo Chesapeake’s online solution to provide access to student online accounts. 
G Suite logo All students enrolled in Chesapeake Public Schools will receive a Google Suite account. This account will provide students access to numerous web platforms (i.e. Schoology) and provide access to numerous apps available within the Google Suite. Gmail access will only be granted to students in grades 6-12. 

Students will gain access to their GSuite account once the OneLogin setup procedure is complete.