Return-to-School Plan

Another school year has begun and the 2020-21 school year looks different than previous years. The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has impacted our calendar, our policies, and our daily schedules but it has not impacted our dedication to serve our students and their families. This year, as we continue to navigate uncertain conditions, we will share updates to our families in this Update Center to keep current on the latest developments and changes to prioritize the safety of our Chesapeake Public Schools family.

Preparing for 2020-2021

In June 2020, CPS conducted a survey of parents, employees, and students to gather feedback on the reopening of schools. After considering public feedback, the Responsive Return-to-School taskforce began planning for the 2020-2021 school year. The following interactive timeline of family communication outlines how and when information was shared with families. 

In July 2020, each family selected a learning option in for each of their students – Option 1- The On-Campus Continuum, or Option 2 – Chesapeake Online. Using that information and working with principals, teachers, instructional leaders, parents, and community members, the Responsive Return-to-School Taskforce led the collaborative effort to define what education will look like in Chesapeake Public Schools in the 2020-21 school year.

In November 2020, the family choice survey was re-opened in ParentVUE for all families to select a learning option for the second semester. The family choice window will be live and accessible through December 4, 2020. A district news story was published on November 16, 2020, outlining the two options available to families and support documents to help our families make a selection.

GOALS of the Responsive Return-To-School Taskforce:
To safely bring our students and staff back to school.
To outline safety measures and mitigation strategies for safe, on-campus learning.
To provide families with two options to meet the educational needs of their children.


All students will be taught standards-based lessons aligned with state objectives by fully licensed Chesapeake Public School teachers. The students who selected the On-Campus Continuum (Option 1) began the school year Temporarily Online  following policies and expectations in place for online learning. By mid-September, after consulting case data provided by the Chesapeake Department of Health (CHD), we brought back Option 1 students (special populations and grades Pre-K through Third) to On-Campus learning in the Traditional Model. In October, we continued to bring back Option 1 students (grades Four through Seven) on the Blended Model. In November, shifts to the on-campus continuum included moving our high school students to a Blended model and shifting our fourth and fifth grade classes to the Traditional Model.

The students who selected Chesapeake Online (Option 2) will complete all instruction online for the first semester (through January 29, 2021). Option 2 families had the opportunity to reassess their status in December 2020 and switch to On-Campus instruction for the second semester or stay enrolled in Chesapeake Online. In consultation with the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and the CHD, we will review the movement of our students on the On-Campus Continuum every two weeks and will update families of our progress at each regular meeting of the School Board. At the recommendation of the CHD, all students will return to school temporarily online for the first two weeks of school following winter break (January 4-15, 2020).


Due to the constantly changing environment, we will keep our families up-to-date on the latest developments impacting school and extracurricular activities. We will send notifications and updates through all of our available communication channels; our website, emails, PAS, Twitter, Facebook, and ParentVUE. Families are invited to set their communication preference through the online student verification process (which must be completed annually by parents in their ParentVUE account). The following resources are currently available on our website: