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Feed the Bin
Chesapeake City’s Recycling Program

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TFC Recycling
TFC Recycling Website

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TFC Plant Tour

What can I Recycle?, What is not allowed? (pdf)

Recycling Facts, Quiz, and Awards

Interesting Facts and Figures

Recycling Q & A, More Q & A


Good Garbage Links (Websites, books)


Energy Hogs – Elementary
Recycling Facts, Games, & Crafts – Elementary (pdf)
Recycle Roundup – Elementary
Earth Day Games – Elementary
Eco Kids Games – Elementary
Word Search

Nussbaum Recycle Game – Elementary
Lorax Save the Trees Game
Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Energy STAR Kids – K-12
EPA Kids Club Page – Elementary/Secondary
Kids Recycle – K-12
Activities/Games K-12
Games – Intermediate/Middle
The Great Green Web Games – Intermediate/Secondary
Recycle City Game – Secondary
Apps and Games for Environmental Engineering K-12


Virginia Department of Education Resources
Chesapeake School’s Energy Program and Conservation Newsletters
Discovery Education’s “Think Green” site with plans, activities, and videos
Discovery Education’s “Road Ahead” site on alternative energy
Discovery Education’s “Turf Mutt” site on environmental stewardship
Discovery Education’s “Explore the Blue” site on water ecosystems
Bay Backpack lesson plans
5 Lessons on Recycling
Earth Science Topics
Earth Day Topics and Ideas
NASA Waste Limitation and Management Recycling Design Challenge
Discovery Education’s Water Planet Challenge for Middle and High
Activities/Games K-12
Recycle Links, games, plans
Game Planning
Recycling Resources
School Recycling Leaders
Ring Leader Recycling Program
Clean Up the World
Recycle Guys
Kids Recycle – Teacher Resources
Environmental Education for Kids
Energy Quest – Teacher Resources
Teaching Kids to Recycle

Planet Protectors Club for Kids (K-12 materials)
two students dressed like detectives watching over the earth

Planet Protectors Club Order Forms

Protecting our planet one school at a time - coolschoolchallenge.org
Cool School Challenge Leader Board
, Cool School Challenge Audit Kit

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The NEED Project – Putting Energy into Education