Read Across America – March 1-5, 2021

Chesapeake Public Schools is excited to celebrate Read Across America Day on March 2, 2021.  Schools across our nation are encouraged to plan activities that celebrate reading.  As we celebrate this special day, schools will be incorporating books that cultivate compassion and understanding of differences. Books and stories provide points of access for understanding other people’s lives and help students walk in someone else’s shoes. In addition to the activities and events traditionally scheduled in our schools, we also encourage educators and families to use the Read Across America Activities and the diverse reading suggestions provided by the National Education Association.  These resources provide a variety of activities and ideas to celebrate reading across the country.

Chesapeake Public Schools celebrates Read across America. National Education Association: Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers. Let's share stories that raise up the many voices that need to be amplified and heard.