Online Learning at Rena B. Wright Primary


To support our young learners and their families, the Department of Elementary Teaching and Learning created scheduling guidelines for online learning.  While each school’s schedule may look different and will vary by grade level, every school will adhere to the following:

Consistency: Online learning will take place during routine school hours.

RENA B. WRIGHT: 7:35 a.m. to 1:05 p.m.

Start the Day: The online learning day will begin with a morning meeting (15 minutes), where teachers will check in with the class and provide an overview of the day’s activities.  

Routine: Throughout the day, students will receive 90 minutes of teacher-led instruction (in 30-minute sessions) integrating the core subjects of reading, math, science, and social studies.  

Resources: Physical education, art, music, and library have been scheduled throughout the week in 30-minute sessions.  

Flexibility: Recognizing our young learners need breaks from the screen, we have made every effort to avoid scheduling core subjects back-to-back.  In the event core subjects were scheduled back-to-back, an online BRAIN BREAK was incorporated in the schedule.  

Student Support: During independent learning time, students will be scheduled to work in small groups using Zoom or Google Meet.  These sessions will be led by your child’s teacher, an assistant, or other instructional staff to address individual student needs.  Your child’s teacher will work with you to determine how and when these small group sessions will take place during scheduled independent learning times.