Purchasing FAQs

Q: How does Chesapeake Public Schools solicit prices?
A: The cost of goods and services dictates one (1) of four (4) levels at which Chesapeake Public Schools solicits prices. They are:

1. Any purchase costing less than $9,999.99 requires one (1) price quote.

2. Any purchase costing between $10,000.00 and $49,999.99 requires three (3) price quotes. These may be obtained over the telephone, via fax or email, or in writing on company letterhead.

3. Any purchase costing between $50,000.00 and $99,999.99 requires three (3) prices. These are obtained, by a buyer, using formal sealed solicitations.

4. Any purchase costing $100,000.00 or more requires a buyer to obtain prices using formal sealed bids or competitive negotiations.

NOTE: This does not include prices for professional services.

Q: How does Chesapeake Public Schools solicit prices for professional services?
A: All professional services will be procured by “competitive negotiations” as defined by state law… “where the cost of the professional services is expected to exceed $80,000.”

Q: How does Chesapeake Public Schools determine how purchases and contracts are awarded?
A: Chesapeake Public Schools awards all purchases and contracts to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder meeting specifications. In the event of a tie, Chesapeake firms will have preference, followed by area and in-state firms. A tie within any group will be determined by a lot drawing.

Q: Does Chesapeake Public Schools issue contracts?
A: Chesapeake Public Schools uses the purchase order document as the contract for most goods and services. For either construction or professional services, a separate contract document is used. However, Chesapeake Public Schools reserves the right to develop a customized contract document appropriate to the uniqueness of the procurement.

Q: May our sales representative call on the Purchasing Department on a regular basis to present available products and services?
A: Vendors are welcome between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Appointments are preferred, but not required. Please note that summer office hours may differ, so please call to confirm hours.


Q: If I am already on the bid list for the City of Chesapeake, is it necessary to fill out a Bidder’s Application Form for Chesapeake Public Schools?
A: Yes, Chesapeake Public Schools operates a separate purchasing department, generating its own requests and purchase orders; therefore, it is necessary for a separate Bidder’s Application Form to be filled out and submitted to the Chesapeake Public Schools’ Purchasing Department.

Q: When am I in jeopardy of being taken off the bidders’ list?
A: Either by:

1. Poor or non-performance, or

2. Failure to submit two (2) consecutive bid responses. Vendors are reminded that submitting a “no bid” response is considered a response; and therefore, will not result in removal.

Q: If removed from the bidders’ list, how may I be reinstated?
A: 1. If removal was for failure to respond, you may reapply by completing a new Bidder’s Application Form.

2. If removal was for poor or non-performance, then your firm will remain off the list for one year or one (1) bid cycle, whichever is longer.

In addition, you must participate in an interview with a purchasing administrator in which you must confirm that the unsatisfactory actions or conditions have been corrected.


Q: How can I obtain information regarding bids presently on the market?
A: All bids are posted in the Purchasing Department located in the School Administration Building, 312 Cedar Road. Vendors are welcome to check the Bid Board and request copies at any time. All solicitations for professional services will be advertised in local newspapers.

Additionally, information may be obtained by accessing the Chesapeake Public Schools’ Purchasing Department web page:
https://cpschools.com/purchasing/ or through Demandstar at www.demandstar.com/supplier.

Q: How do I submit a formal response?
A: After properly completing your response, it must be received by the Purchasing Department by the date and time specified in the solicitation. Responses may be delivered to:

Chesapeake Public Schools
Purchasing Department
School Administration Building
312 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Q: How can I obtain information regarding the awarding of solicitations?
A: For all formal solicitations, an award letter will be posted online and in the Purchasing Department on the Bid Board. Award information may be viewed online by accessing the Chesapeake Public Schools’ Purchasing Department web page: https://cpschools.com/purchasing/ or through Demandstar at www.demandstar.com/supplier.

Q: Can vendors attend bid openings?
A: All bids will be read publicly at the designated time and location indicated on the Invitation to Bid. Vendors are encouraged to attend.

Q: Is it possible for me, as a vendor, to receive copies of bid tabulations?
A: We regret that this service is cost prohibitive and therefore, not available.

Q: What happens if my response is received after the solicitation due date and time?
A: It is our policy not to accept responses after the designated time to be received. Responses received after the deadline will be returned to the vendor, unopened. However, your response will be counted and your firm will not be in jeopardy of being removed from the bidders’ list.

Q: What happens if the District’s administrative offices are closed due to inclement weather or emergency circumstances?
A: In the event of inclement weather or emergency situations, resulting in the closure of the District’s administrative offices on the date a bid/RFP is due, the due date and opening time are rescheduled for the same time on the next business day that the District’s administrative offices are open. Please call the Purchasing Department if you have any questions.

Complete the online Bidder’s Application Form.