Program Evaluation

In 1995, Chesapeake Public Schools established the Department of Program Evaluation and a process to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of school division programs and support services. The process has been used continually since that time to conduct a full range of instructional and non-instructional evaluations within the school division. The overall purpose of the evaluation process is to assist members of the school division in the effective discharge of their responsibilities in terms of time, effort, cost, and outcomes. The evaluation process answers the questions; can it be done better or cheaper? Is there another way to do it, or should it be done at all? The Superintendent and School Board determine programs to be evaluated annually.

The department conducts evaluations using a team approach. The evaluation team is comprised of six permanent members with extensive instructional, financial, planning, and administrative experience. Team members include the Program Administrator for School Improvement Planning (Chairman), Administrator for Program Evaluation and School Improvement Planning (Researcher), Director of Budget, Director of Staff Development, Supervisor of Data Reporting/Remediation/and Summer Programs, and Coordinator of ESL Services/Secondary Assessment Specialist. In addition to the permanent members of the team, administrators of the programs to be evaluated serve as ad hoc members to assist in providing information, data, and full access to the program under evaluation.