Total Lunar Eclipse Watch January 20 / 21, 2019


full moon with reddish coloring Total Lunar Eclipse


Total Lunar Eclipse Watch January 20 / 21, 2019

Sunday Morning Update… Skies appear to be clearing… check back later today (Jan 20) for updates.


Total Lunar Eclipse Watch will only be held if the weather conditions are clear… call 547-STAR (7827) for information.

The Chesapeake Planetarium will conduct a Lunar Eclipse Watch at the planetarium building if the weather is clear. For update information call the planetarium star line  547 STAR (7828)

The eclipse watch will start at 9:30 p.m. depending on weather conditions. It must be a clear night to observe the eclipse. If it appears that the weather might clear later in the evening it is possible some local astronomers may gather at the planetarium.

This is an outside event and you do not need reservations to attend.

You do not need a telescope to observe this lunar eclipse however, several local astronomers will have telescopes on display and you will be able to  view the moon through many of them.

On the night of January 20 /21 the moon will pass though the Earth’s Shadow.

Time Table for the eclipse

9:35 p.m.   The eclipse will start January 20 as the Moon enters the lighter penumbra shadow of Earth.  The shadow will appear as a light darkling of the left (western side) side of the Moon. Try to notice that this shadow has a curved shape which is proof that the Earth is round.

10:33 p.m.  The Moon will enter the darker (umbra) shadow starting at approximately 10:33 p.m. at which time you should notice a red color.

11:40 p.m.  The Moon will be totally in the umbra (totality begins.)

O:43 a.m. (January 21) totality ends as the Moon begins to leave the umbra.

2:49 a.m.  The eclipse will be over when the  Moon leaves the penumbra.


The next total lunar eclipse in Tidewater will be on May 26, 2021