Australia Solar Eclipse 2012

Trip Journal Entry:

Dr. Hitt and two other passengers aboard Australian ship, behind telescope, prepared to witness eclipse

A Rare Total Solar Eclipse Darkens Skies Over Australia, South Pacific. A total solar eclipse was visible from the northern tip of Australia on Nov. 13, 2012 at 3:35 EST. The light halo visible around the edges of the moon is the sun’s atmosphere, the corona.

The moon blocked out the sun in a total solar eclipse today, briefly turning dawn back into night over parts of northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean.

The total solar eclipse began just after sunrise local time Wednesday (Nov. 14) in northern Australia, thrilling nearly 50,000 spectators who had flocked to the tropical city of Cairns to witness the event. It was the first total solar eclipse in Australia in a decade and the last eclipse of its kind that humans will see until 2015.

Dr. Robert Hitt